a little head poked out from the door of the restaurant, looking here anxiously.

a little head poked out from the door of the restaurant, looking here anxiously.
/“Ruyan?” Liu Qian shouted softly to Liu Ruyan.
“Dad.” Liu Ruyan trotted over quickly and stretched out his hands towards Liu Qian.
Liu Gan picked up Liu Ruyan from the ground. Liu Ruyan hugged Liu Gan’s neck tightly and rubbed her little head on his head uneasily.
Liu Gan could guess that these clones of Liu Gan must have been created by Sunina, probably because of her somewhat paranoid love for him. But Liu Qian couldn’t guess the origin of this little Liu Ruyan. Is she really his and Sunina’s daughter?
The data brought back from the energy world showed that Liu Ruyan was not related to him. Only Sunina’s unique mark was found in her genes, indicating that Liu Ruyan was probably created by Sunina.
But why did Sunina create Liu Ruyan? Did Sunina know his mother? Now she exists as his daughter.
Liu Qian, who didn’t know that Liu Ruyan was looking for the soul embryo with the help of Shao Jiefeng, was now completely confused and couldn’t connect all this together and get a clearer inference.
“Dad, are you dad?” Liu Ruyan stretched out her little hand and touched Liu Qian’s face, who was meditating, and pinched his nose and ears. His expression was still very uneasy.
“Why aren’t you sure I’m the father?” Liu Qian tried to ask Liu Ruyan. She looked like she was only two or three years old, so Liu Qian didn’t expect her to answer his question.
“Dad often changes people.” Liu Ruyan answered Liu Qian hesitantly.
“Substitute?” When Liu Gan heard Liu Ruyan’s words, he couldn’t help but think of his clones frozen into ice sculptures outside the house.
“Yes.” Liu Ruyan nodded, with an uneasy look on his face.
“Do you love your mother?” Liu Qian asked Liu Ruyan another question. He wanted to find out the relationship between Sunina and Liu Ruyan.
“Mom is a bad person.” Liu Ruyan whispered into Liu Qian’s ear and looked around, as if she was afraid that others would hear her.
“Why is mom broken?” Liu Qian continued to ask Liu Ruyan. Although Liu Ruyan was very young, she seemed to have some knowledge of the world. Maybe she could find some useful clues here.
“I saw her kill her father.” Liu Ruyan pushed her little head into Liu Qian’s neck uneasily, her expression also looked a little uncomfortable, as if she was about to cry.
“Baby, don’t cry, daddy is here.” Liu Qian quickly comforted Liu Ruyan.
“Dad, I want to go to the Time and Space Cabin, just the two of us.” Liu Ruyan leaned into Liu Qian’s ear and said to him.
“Time and space cabin?” Liu Qian was a little stunned. He remembered where he had heard this term.
“Dad is not dad.” Liu Ruyan looked a little frightened by Liu Qian’s reaction, and even wanted to break away from Liu Qian.
“I know the Time and Space Cabin. I often take you there to play. You need a very strange key to open the door of the Time and Space Cabin, right?” Liu Gan quickly said a few words to Liu Ruyan.
/He had also remembered that when he met Liu Ruyan in Qingyuan Community and took