One day thirty-six years later, the construction of the particle collider orbiting the Mars satellite was completed. Liu Long’s project team started various experiments day and night. Three years later, they successfully advanced basic physics a big step forward. , with the improvement of basic physics, materials science, dynamics and other disciplines have developed by leaps and bounds in the following ten years, and finally promoted the entire earth’s civilization from the early stage of the first stage to the first stage. mid-stage level.
Three multi-million-ton Spirit-class space battleships were produced, and the energy cannon technology obtained from the Trisolaran civilization was successfully miniaturized and installed on the three Spirit-class space battleships.
Compared with the ships of the current fleet of the Galaxy Fleet with five vehicles and five civilizations, they are still one order of magnitude behind. They are not yet able to produce King-class space battleships. Compared with the Spirit-class space battleships, they should have already produced the first World War. force.
Although the five-vehicle and five-civilization battleships have energy armor, the energy cannons fired by the Galaxy Fleet’s Spirit-class space battleships and planetary orbital defense systems, as well as a large number of energy turrets installed in the inner solar system, can effectively destroy the five-vehicle and five-civilization battleships. Energy Armor.
The Galaxy Fleet is equivalent to the ships built with the material technology of the middle stage of the second stage of civilization. In terms of defensive capabilities, it is no less than the ships of five vehicles and five civilizations protected by energy armor. Five vehicles and five civilizations will definitely not think of this. By then You can defeat them by surprise.
/According to the detection of the fusiform exploration ship, the fleet of five vehicles and five civilizations has been advancing towards the solar system since its departure. In the past fifty years, the fleet has covered nearly one-eighth of the journey. If nothing else, about In about three hundred and fifty years, they will enter the solar system.
Although the earth’s civilization’s material technology is powerful, it all relies on Liu Qian’s energy enhancement technology. According to the current progress, Liu Qian will only be able to strengthen more than 20 spirit-level space battleships in 350 years. The number of ships in the fleet of five vehicles and five civilizations has reached hundreds of thousands.
After so many years of detection, Liu Gan almost knew the composition of the five-vehicle and five-civilization fleet: a king-class battleship was their flagship, there were more than fifty Ling-class battleships, thousands of master-class battleships, tens of thousands division-level battleships and hundreds of thousands of common-level battleships.
If ships are built using materials that have not been strengthened by Liu Gan’s mysterious energy, these ordina