stationed in the countless time and space kingdoms inside.

stationed in the countless time and space kingdoms inside.
“They are all real immortals, and there are also heavenly immortals. How come the number of immortals has reached such a level?”
At this time, many important ministers of Great Xia looked at them and felt their scalps numb.
The other five second-generation ancestors just smiled slightly when they saw this scene. Among them, the red-browed master in red robe smiled heartily and looked at Zhang Jiandao.
“Ayu, this is the central area of ??the Three Emperors Heaven Realm, the Three Emperors City. We all have important positions, so we can only send you here. We will also attend the Three Emperors Sales Fair held in the Three Emperors City next. After hearing this There are a lot of good things coming out at once. If you are interested, you can go and take a look!”
Several other Taoists beside them also nodded slightly.
Most of them came to the Three Emperors Heaven Realm for this reason. As for welcoming Zhang Jian, it was just a matter of convenience.
Of course, they are also curious about Zhang Jian himself.
But now that I have seen him in person, he is not in a hurry to get close to her.
Zhang Jian nodded immediately.
Many monks around him were still shocked when they looked at this scene.
Such a magnificent divine city, even if some of them have traveled outside the world, has never seen it before.
Everyone flew up and down, and after a moment they arrived in front of the city gate.
In front of the city gate, there were thousands of heavenly soldiers and gods guarding here. After everyone dropped, the Patriarch of the Division took out the voucher from his sleeve and handed it to Zhang Jian. At that moment, he led Zhang Jian and his party into the Three Emperors City. A place to stay.
/Zhang Jian will go to Huoyun Cave next, while the others will be placed in the Three Emperors City.
This is the base of the Kiriyama Taoist tradition.
After Zhang Jian finished practicing in the Fire Cloud Cave, he led everyone to the emperor’s mansion in the central heaven.
It is said that Zhang Jian’s Lingyuan Emperor’s residence is already under construction.
The Tongshan Taoism’s stronghold in the Three Emperors City is very quiet. It is located deep in the boundary of a country called Tianding.
/That Tianding Kingdom is currently controlled by a Tianding Immortal Lord under the Taoism of Tongshan Mountain in Heaven.
Tianding Immortal Lord is the disciple of Tianhe Zhenren, the headmaster of Tongshan Taoism in the heaven.
That was a powerful immortal in the Taiyi realm.
Now Tianding Kingdom is in its heyday.
The place where everyone lives is located in one of the caves and secret places, which is extremely rich in innate spiritual energy.
Moreover, this place seems to be the place where the dragon energy of the Tianding Kingdom meets. Through this, one can understand the charm of the laws of heaven and earth flowing in the Three Emperors City, which is of great benefit to everyone’s practice.
Obviously, these resources must ha