es, no exit of the embassy can hide even an ant from entering the federation.

After David left the embassy, ??he discovered the abnormality of the ‘Thunder Body’. After transforming into lightning, he could use the ‘underground stealth’ ability to travel underground.
But in the process of traveling, David sensed another channel through which he could travel, which was the energy lines throughout the Origin Star.
He found a node of the energy line underground. When the electric light entered the line, it was like walking on a fast lane.
Shadow Attendant observed the surrounding situation on the ground and determined the route forward.
David’s direction is towards the Federal Command. Probably even the experts who designed the security system of the Federal Command did not expect that the backup energy line connected to the outside world would become a breakthrough.
This time when he entered the military zone, he did not use the ‘Space Rush’. He just used the ‘Lightning Body’ to pass through an energy line extending into the military zone, and entered easily.
/The reason why David came to the federal headquarters was because he got a piece of information.
Now David controls two federal intelligence systems, one is the Interstellar Federation Intelligence Network managed by Baron De Ward, and the other is David’s own Kerr Intelligence Organization.
Although the two intelligence systems have not found any information about the defectors, they have provided David with a lot of important federal information.
Among them is the story about Generalissimo Andrei. It is said that Generalissimo Andrei’s physical condition is not good, and even the gene repair cabin has not treated him. Although Generalissimo Andrei is still in control of the military, some military personnel Boss Fang has already made some changes.
To others, this information only focused on the overall situation, but in David’s eyes, he only focused on General Andre’s body.
Generalissimo Andre is not young, and has been fighting for many years. His old age and frailty have caused old injuries that he could suppress with his body to slowly begin to break out.
If he was in the Interstellar Federation, David would not have believed that there were any injuries or diseases that could not be treated by the genetic repair cabin. However, as his strength improved and his understanding of the world and his vision changed, he knew that the body was not simply caused by genes. Determines the severity of the injury.
/Once the essence of the body is injured, it is almost impossible to treat it. The only way to slow down the deterioration is through rest.
After hearing this information, David could no longer ignore it.
As David walked along, he saw the familiar federal military’s most important building, the federal headquarters.
After finding an energy line that entered the federal headquarters, the lightning he transformed into entered the federal headquarters.
Shadow Waiter found Marshal Andre’s office first, and he saw Marshal Andre through Shadow Waiter