ing. After opening the server, if Liu Qian opens the safe again, he should be able to randomly get a level 4 auxiliary chip.

ing. After opening the server, if Liu Qian opens the safe again, he should be able to randomly get a level 4 auxiliary chip.
The explosion rate of auxiliary chips is much lower than that of attack chips, and the explosion rate of high-energy auxiliary chips is even lower.
Now Liu Qian has several support chips, including Fog Armor, Burning Cauldron, and Quick Step. They are all very powerful and have brought many tactical changes to Liu Qian. The energy level of Quick Step is level 2, and the energy levels of Burning Cauldron and Fog Armor are both. It is level 3. You can imagine how powerful an auxiliary superpower chip with level 4 energy is.
Therefore, it is still necessary to take a trip to Salt Rock City.
Since he was going to Salt Rock City, Liu Qian certainly couldn’t let his whereabouts be leaked, lest it affect his plan to steal the chip.
After killing these players, Liu Qian used the sensor chip in his brain to lead Liu Ruyan to avoid the area where nearby players appeared, and slowly approached Salt Stone City.
The closer they got to Salt Stone City, the more and more intensive the players were. After some comprehensive consideration, Liu Qian decided to let Liu Ruyan stay in the wild, and he went to Salt Stone City alone.
/Liu Qian has two things: a low-key life and an illusion robe. After other players have insight into him, they will not pay too much attention to him. But Liu Ruyan does not have these things. Once other players realize that she is already level 9, it will inevitably cause a stir. Some unnecessary trouble.
/Stealing chips in the city does not require fighting. It mainly relies on Liu Qian’s wisdom and reaction ability. Liu Ruyan’s presence can’t help much.
After explaining some things to Liu Ruyan, Liu Qian continued to walk towards Salt Rock City. He took off the two orange armor chips on his body and replaced them with two ordinary blue suits.
Liu Qian’s current level is shown to be level 6, and he wears three blue and two white items. Among the players, no one will notice him deliberately. Even if some players have insight into the Trembling Family to which he belongs, they may not notice him. Thinking that he would come from another city.
Liu Qian tried his best to avoid the players spawning monsters outside the city. Half an hour later, he arrived near the east gate of Salt Stone City.
When entering the city, Liu Qian was originally worried that the NP guards in Salt Stone City would attack players coming from Qingzhu City, but his worries were quickly dispelled after entering the city gate.
It seems that these cities in the energy world are not hostile to each other, or at least Qingzhu City and Salt Stone City are not hostile. He did not receive special attention when he entered Salt Stone City, and no player or NP noticed him. After all, this is In a city with hundreds of thousands of players, there are even some new players joining every day. With Liu Qian’s current level and equipment level, it is easy to blend into the ordinary players.
Yesterday, Liu