nt to beat him, but at this time, Martin’s inner eyes were red, as if he had just cried.

nt to beat him, but at this time, Martin’s inner eyes were red, as if he had just cried.
From the day he first came to work at the Snow Mountain Ranch, Old Barton had been very good to him. Although Barton occasionally taught him a lesson, this was also a reflection of the mood of the relationship. If others were as lazy as Martinez, they would have packed up and left long ago. .
The last words were said to Old John, Martinez, Anderson and other cowboys who came with them. After hearing this, Old John turned to look at the others and said, “I’ve been fine recently. I beat Kelly when I left.” Hello, if anyone wants to leave first, you can leave first. If you don’t want to leave, just say hello to your family so as not to worry them.” ”
/We are already here, let’s stay here first, in case Barton wakes up suddenly. What?” Anderson said with a shrug. When he was young, he was very thin and handsome, but now he has become an out-and-out uncle. He has let himself go a long time ago and his weight has exceeded 190 kilograms.
Martinez then said: “Me too, just continue to stay here.”
After hearing this, Han Xuan nodded to express his understanding and continued to let them rest first, while Secretary Dawson went to help them arrange accommodation. If it was just a room, It was just a phone call, but he needed to buy a change of clothes, so Dawson decided to go along and come back after making arrangements. Anyway, it only took a few minutes by helicopter.
In Executive Officer Anthony’s office far away in the Four Towers of Snow Mountain, Mr. Anthony, who had just received the news of the arrival of the young boss, said with a sad face: “Great, I just need to discuss the news of layoffs with him. The governor has called me several times. It’s really easy to recruit people but hard to lay off people.”
The company is getting bigger and bigger, and the industries involved are also increasing.
Although each subsidiary has dedicated professional managers to help manage it, and all of them are very capable, those who are not capable have packed up and left, and those “careerists” who are capable but difficult to control have no foothold in the company. Most of the time, they end up leaving in despair.
But as the CEO of the parent company of Snow Mountain Group, Mr. Anthony still needs to deal with various things every day. The sides of his hair are white in a way that does not suit his age, and there are wrinkles at the corners of his eyes, which can make him so upset that he needs to seek advice from his younger boss. There are not many things happening, but this large-scale layoffs are one of them. The cause starts with the development of science and technology.
/Yes, it is the development of science and technology. With the popularization of machines, it has replaced a large part of the jobs that require manpower, especially in the manufacturing industry.
Since last year, the company has conducted an internal human resources review, and the result is that many departments, including Han’s Automobile Group, v