a living, and the third child had opened up a business, but the second child had to be taken care of by himself.

I thought that Evola would be a little stimulated this time, but it turned out that he was completely overthinking. For a heartless person, this level is obviously unimaginable.
Even though Hudson’s hint was very obvious, it was a pity that Evola didn’t know that these words were specifically meant for him.
Seeing this scene, Hudson was also very helpless. Although I remember my second brother as being quite honest and honest, I didn’t expect him to be so honest.
In the aristocratic world of intrigues and intrigues, there are very few such honest and honest people. Perhaps all the intelligence and wisdom have gone to the boss, and before he traveled through time, the original owner was doing similarly poorly.
If you are a little more shrewd, there will be no farce of the life essence being dropped.
The following Lesul is even more stupid. He has no ability at all and just wants to break the rules of the game. He is a complete giant baby.
I can’t tell what the two younger ones are like at the moment, and I guess they aren’t much smarter either. At least they didn’t show it before Hudson left home.
If you are really smart, even if it is just to make Baron Redman happy, you must show a look of brotherly love.
Even if the show is unsuccessful, it is still a bonus, because hypocrisy can help a person get along better in aristocratic circles.
Just a smart guy, but that’s normal. Most nobles were not very good when they were young. They experienced many things before they gradually matured.
Evola, obviously lacks social beating. If you suffer losses a few more times and are fooled a few more times, you will probably know to be more cautious when encountering problems.
“Let him think about it slowly. This kind of thing can only be understood slowly by oneself. If we help him now, we are harming him.”
Hudson said helplessly.
/There are some teammates that I really can’t help.
/He clearly told him what he should start now if he wanted to obtain the fiefdom. Unfortunately for Evola, she really ran away to worry about the orc invasion.
Although it is a good thing to be responsible, the most correct choice is to do whatever you want with your identity.
The invasion of orcs is obviously something the big shots should be concerned about. As a little person following the times, finding ways to improve your own strength is the only way to go.
“That’s enough, you two! You’re so weird, it makes me look like a fool. Isn’t it because the orcs are about to invade, so be prepared in advance.
How big a deal is this?
You lords and lord heirs will definitely go to the battlefield when the time comes. As an idle knight, whether I want to join the battle or not depends on my mood.
If you think I’m in the way and don’t want to take me with you, just say so and I won’t cause any trouble for you.
At worst, I can go abroad for a walk and come back after the war. As for making you worry like this? ”
It was such a p