few years, the Snow Mountain Ranch will be There are going to be truffles.

few years, the Snow Mountain Ranch will be There are going to be truffles.
The value of a pasture that can produce truffles is much higher than that of an ordinary pasture. As long as the environment does not change drastically and the parasitic plants do not die, they can live for hundreds of years and continue to produce truffles.
Han Xuan did not give him a chance to be complacent, and changed the subject and asked him: “I heard that you got some Chinese ginseng, where is it?”
“Ah! By the way, you may not know that the authentic Jilin ginseng is different from the American ginseng here in the United States. A friend of mine from Hong Kong went to the mainland of China to do business, and asked him to buy wild ginseng seedlings from a ginseng farmer. They are not dead yet. It took more than ten days to send them over. I have to plant them as soon as possible. Logically speaking, Montana and Jilin Province have similar latitudes. If they can be planted there, they should be able to be planted here as well. Westerners are not like that. We Chinese worship ginseng, but we also regard it as a precious food. It contains high nutrients. In recent years, deeply processed ginseng products such as cosmetics and skin care products have become very popular in the United States. I think there should be a market.
/” Only Dai Ni was white. Seeing Han Xuan staring at her, she spread her hands and said, “Indeed, but I know that the growth period of this kind of thing is longer than that of American ginseng. It takes decades or hundreds of years, so it is very expensive. We will never see it in our lifetime.”
After hearing what she said, Han Xuan also remembered the growth period of ginseng. Ginseng that only grew for a few years was not as effective as radish, so it could only be sold to make cosmetics and other deceptions.
Going out to another greenhouse, more than sixty small ginseng of about five centimeters wrapped in mud were spread flat on the ground.
The leaves were a little dry, and the red flowers on the top also turned dark red. Lewis picked them up, put them into a small box, and said: “There are just so many things, costing more than ten thousand dollars, and I also asked people to bring a few packets of seeds. ”
/Well, let’s keep these little wild ginsengs as ornamental plants in the wild. There is no need to add chemical fertilizers. Maybe when I get old, they will grow up and they will be useful when they are dug out. As for the seeds, you can plant them if you want.” There is a huge demand in Japan and South Korea, so grow some ginseng and sell it to them.” ”
I think so too. American ginseng takes 18 months to mature, but it is so cheap. It can be sold for almost US$400 a piece. Kilograms. There are varieties in other parts of Montana. The market is small and you can’t make much money. Only Asian ginseng varieties have high added value. People in Southeast Asia and East Asia know this. The efficacy is unclear, but ginseng is indeed very popular. It’s more cost-effective than growing cabbage.”