nd his flesh and blood evaporated into ashes before it even hit the ground.

nd his flesh and blood evaporated into ashes before it even hit the ground.
As time passed slowly, twenty-one of the thirty powerful ‘Tudenan’ warrior leaders turned into ashes and disappeared without a trace, while nine persisted and fell into a state of ‘transformation’ In long sleep.
The success rate is exactly 30%. Without improving the ‘stabilizer’, the success rate of transplanting ‘fragments’ has increased from 25% to 30%. The only possibility is the influence of psychological factors.
/In other words, because more and more Super Hellmen have successfully transplanted the ‘Golden Elixir Fragments’, the Tudenans who have received the transplants have become more and more confident in the attackers’ ‘blessing’, resulting in a continuous increase in the success rate of transplants. Climbing up, this is the same as taking a ‘placebo’ that has no effect can sometimes cure a disease.
Of course, this kind of improvement is only due to pure psychological effects. There is always a limit. When it is increased to 30%, it has reached the peak. But even so, the number of warrior leaders in the Tudenan tribe who have gained extraordinary power has unexpectedly reached four hundred. People are whole.
“There are nine warrior leaders who have successfully received the ‘blessing’ this time. Let’s send them to the pool to soak.” After seeing the results of the operation, Zhang Lisheng walked out of the wooden house, stretched out in the warm sunshine at noon, and looked towards The leader of the tribe’s chores, who was waiting aside and bent his fat waist deeply, gave the order.
“Your Majesty.” Hearing that the tribal attacker actually ordered him to do things himself, the chore leader looked a little excited and hurriedly winked at a group of sturdy indigenous women not far away, and quickly walked into the tree house.
Zhang Lisheng walked casually in the tribe and asked the Tudenantou people who were following him: “What’s going on Tugla? Is there any new news from the tribes that are said to be issuing a gauntlet to us?” ”
No. Great attackers, they are afraid of your powerful force that successively captured the two powerful tribes of ‘Kazilu’ and ‘Mokacho’ one day ago. They say they have formed a coalition, but in fact they are still cowering.” Tugla said with contempt. The tone of the enemy was respectful.
/Since the leader of the ‘Tudenan’ warriors who had the power to cast spells began to wake up one after another, more than a dozen people woke up one after another. The originally worried face of the tribal leader became more and more relaxed.
“How many times have I said that it wasn’t me who captured ‘Kaqilu’ and ‘Mocha Joe’…” Zhang Lisheng waved his hand and said, “Forget it, you can say whatever you want about this kind of thing.
I’ve done the math, and now the tribe’s hunting ground has been It is close to one-sixth of the entire island. If we want to be completely safe, we must occupy at least one-third of the island.
Since those tribal coalition forces don’t come to us, we will go to them a