uted: “Jesse , that is a strong wooden chair, and we all know that no one can sit on it badly, so be polite to my friends.”

uted: “Jesse , that is a strong wooden chair, and we all know that no one can sit on it badly, so be polite to my friends.”
Under the fierce gaze of his sister, the big-eyed man curled his lips and muttered in a low voice, “OK, Maddie, I I’m happy to finally know that my sister is not gay.” He lowered his head.
“Come to Lisheng, let me introduce you to my family.” When Maddie saw her brother surrendering, she didn’t care about his clumsy little joke. She naturally took Zhang Lisheng’s hand and walked to the dining table to sit down, pointing to the table on the main seat. The tall man said: “This is my dad, Bob. Josante, you can call him Bob.” ”
Oh, Maddie, I, I think it’s better to call your father, Mr. Josante,” already beginning to feel that he had not long ago The young man who should have been stigmatized as a ‘coward’ and refused to come to Maddie’s house for dinner smiled unnaturally, nodded politely towards Maddie’s expressionless father and said, “It’s an honor to meet you, Mr. Josante.
” In response to Zhang Lisheng’s greetings, Maddie’s father raised eyebrows and pointedly replied: “Boy, I see that you have a little bit of style, but if you want to deceive my daughter casually, it would be a big mistake…”
“Shut up Bob, Maddie said this young man is her colleague, please don’t embarrass your daughter, okay?” The hostess who was unpacking the take-out Chinese food into plates in the kitchen and bringing it to the table happened to hear her husband’s nonsense and immediately yelled in his ear.
“Colleague, didn’t you see the way Maddie looked at him? She was holding his hand just now.
“Oh, Dad, we are going to eat, can you please stop saying such disgusting words. “Hearing what his father said, a girl next to him who looked very similar to Maddie said angrily.
“Did you hear what Mia said? Bob, shut up and eat immediately, otherwise your weekly ‘Happy Night’ tonight will be canceled immediately. Disappeared without a trace…”
“Oh, mom, please stop talking, okay? You said something about ‘Happy Night’ in front of six children, oh, this, this is really creepy…”
/Maddie’s family said There was such a bad quarrel. The girl looked at it all in silence for a while, then suddenly she lay down in Zhang Lisheng’s ear and whispered: “This is my family Li Sheng. They are noisy in front of me all day long, but I love them.” .
Chapter 459 ‘Uninvited Guest’
Faced with Maddie’s sudden confession again, Zhang Lisheng chose to remain silent. However, after the girl whispered her feelings in a whisper, she also cleverly shouted to her family members as if nothing had happened: “Hi, hi, don’t Are you arguing? I’m starving. Do you all want to quarrel to fill your stomach?”
After the girl finished speaking, Melinda withdrew from the inexplicable quarrel, kissed her husband and said, “After hearing what my daughter said, Bob, stop arguing, okay? We’ll start eating right away when I bring out the other dishes.
/“Of course, honey, you know I never want to quarrel with you.” “Bob, who was as strong as a p