and batches of covering attacks were launched along the orbit of the Atlantis battleship.

and batches of covering attacks were launched along the orbit of the Atlantis battleship.
Dazzling white lasers and The dazzling flames drew a long line in the sky and fell on the surface of the Atlantis battleship. However, it only caused a wave of light on the surface of the ship and then disappeared without a trace. It seemed that there was no harm at all.
But the dark green The strong acid rays and freezing rays are different. The cold air causes hailstones in the air. The freezing rays that crackle down into the jungle hit the outer shell of the Atlantis battleship and extinguish part of the halo emanating from the spacecraft, causing patches of ice. Frost-white areas, those ‘frost areas’ will immediately shatter and collapse if attacked again.
Once the strong acid rays come into contact with the outer shell of the battleship, they will immediately spread, emitting a pungent sour smell from the thick smoke, and directly causing large irregular holes in the spacecraft. If it were not for the outer layer of the Atlantis battleship, it would be double-layered. Armor, I’m afraid the fleet has been completely wiped out.
/When the lights came on, the square-faced officer closed his eyes and suddenly burst out: “This is all the fault of those damn bureaucratic Ministry of Defense staff officers. Even if we were given an Ohio-class submarine, we wouldn’t be so passive. Damn it.”
“Beep beep beep… The armor of the battleship’s braking area, 02 living area, and energy storage area is completely damaged; the damage to the casing of the 01 living area and entertainment area is 90%…” The two sides exchanged fire for only a moment, and the Atlantis flagship The red light was already flashing in the cockpit, and the alarm was blaring.
“It seems that the enemy’s firepower intensity is far beyond our predictions, Karim.” The fleet commander looked at the self-inspection picture of the warship with a shell full of pits displayed on the three-dimensional composition in front of him, and tightened his grip with embarrassment. He raised his fists and asked loudly: “Isn’t the charge level of the main gun full?”
“There is still 9% left, Your Excellency General.” The sergeant who specifically controlled the flagship’s main gun stared at the red and white light in front of him. , a line representing the charging level, the voice reported dryly.
The flagship could not operate at high speed while the main gun was replenishing energy, and could only rely on the two frigates to fire to attract firepower. In addition, the prediction of the enemy’s firing time was too late, which resulted in the Atlantis fleet being so seriously damaged.
/Therefore, at this moment, all the Atlanteans are anxiously waiting for the main gun to be recharged. Even if they cannot escape death in the end, at least they can sacrifice some value and die together with the enemy behemoth.
The more critical the moment, the more time seems to have stood still. After a rare drop of sweat oozed out from the extremely handsome face of the main gunnery se