you listed as a restricted area…” “

you listed as a restricted area…” ”
/So that’s it…” The young man realized that it was not Wu Li. The millions of natives on the island can’t even deal with a dozen Atlanteans, but because of their special appearance and accommodation in the American military camp, they all have scruples.
Calm down and think about it carefully. If the Atlanteans really wanted to launch a war against the natives of the ‘Ocean Shrimp World II’, they would not send out only a dozen warriors anyway.
But after all, the stakes were high. Zhang Lisheng frowned and felt that just guessing was not the answer. He had to go back to Wuli Island to find out the news. So he waved the exhausted warriors at his feet to retreat and rest. He originally wanted to take a boat back to Wuli Island immediately. , but when I walked to the beach, I suddenly thought of the Wu-Li army, which was in disarray and far from being integrated, and stopped.
“You have to work hard for the best, but plan for the worst…” The young man frowned for a while, sighed, turned around and strode back to the bark house.
Sitting on the animal skin blanket and meditating for a whole day, he thought hard about various countermeasures, and finally decided to reorganize Wu Li in a “legion system” model based on the little knowledge he had in his mind about the formation of the earth’s civilized army. ‘The army can respond flexibly to any changes.
However, although the young man is the ruler of the tribe who holds the religion and political power, he cannot be unscrupulous when it comes to the military reform. After paying attention, he did not give the order directly. Instead, he loudly called the leader of the handymen waiting outside the door to come in and gave the order. Said: “Go and ask the craftsmen to make seventy-two elastic gold headbands engraved with the most exquisite patterns; one thousand four hundred and forty black iron collars.”
great Majesty.” Although the handyman leader did not understand the young man’s intention, he respectfully exited the bark house and conveyed the tribe master’s order to the ears of the craftsmen in the city in the shortest possible time.
The skillful craftsmen stopped other work and devoted all their efforts to making gold hoops and collars. It only took three or four hours to complete the instructions of the leader of the handymen, and the results of their work were very great. Soon he appeared in front of Zhang Lisheng.
/“It looks gorgeous and majestic, very good.” Holding the thick gold headband in his hand, the young man rubbed the gorgeous sea wave carvings on it, with a satisfied smile on his face, and smiled at the leader of the handymen and said: “Go, let’s go All the warrior leaders of the tribe with four feathers on their heads come to see me.”
“Yes, your Majesty.” The leader of the handymen replied with sudden realization, and hurriedly retreated.
The Wu-Li Expeditionary Force suffered heavy casualties. Of the 1.5 million soldiers who raised troops from the waters of Moon Island, only 500,000 are left. Be