y became nervous. For them, catching a record-breaking fish was equivalent to breaking the world record at the Olympic Games.

y became nervous. For them, catching a record-breaking fish was equivalent to breaking the world record at the Olympic Games.
Place the measuring tape close to the surface of the tuna skin and measure straight from head to tail.
Zaitsev’s half-closed eyes suddenly widened when he saw the number, and he said in surprise: “432.7 centimeters! It seems to be a record!”
Isabelle poured cold water on them and continued. Said: “I have read last year’s “Gisney Book of Records”. The longest bluefin tuna is 435 centimeters.”
“It’s only three centimeters short.” Han Xuan would not doubt that her brain could remember it wrong, and said in a tone of voice pity.
/I went to weigh it again. In order to ensure accuracy, I also got a bottle of mineral water and tried it in advance to confirm that it was correct before putting the fish on it.
“415.57 kilograms, girl, what about this time?”
“It seems to have exceeded it. The heaviest tuna on Gisney’s record is 402.41 kilograms.”
“I knew it! Such a big bluefin tuna will last a lifetime. I’ve never seen it before!”
Han Xuan patted the tuna and said with a smile: “It’s not as long as that fish, but being fat is also an advantage.”
After some celebrations.
Fishing boat No. BB headed to the dock, where the water was more than twenty meters deep, enough to carry this large boat.
The sunset on the horizon is even more dazzling now.
The sea lions are lying on the rocks, shameless and thick-skinned, doing something shameful if no one else is around.
Late autumn is also the time for them to mate.
The little white whale Pipi emerged from the water, blinked his lively eyes, and swam happily towards the approaching BB.
As soon as we arrived near the fishing boat, a herring fell from the sky.
Pipi subconsciously bit it, his mind was confused, and then he saw Han Xuan throwing another fish down on the deck above his head.
While it was still dark, Han Xuan asked Jason to go back to Peninsula Villa and get a camera.
Everyone on the fishing boat No. BB gathered around the fish and took a photo as a souvenir. The
lanterns came on.
Fishing boat No. BB left.
The sailors on the Big Penguin sent the bled fish to the cold storage for storage.
Han Xuan had someone cut a more than 20 kilograms of fish spine from the back of the big marlin. This is the strongest part of the body and is suitable for charcoal grilling.
Walk back to the villa on the peninsula.
Jigglypuff quickly ran to greet Han Xuan. On the way, he saw the big octopus crawling out of the bucket held by George. He was so frightened that he jumped back quickly, with his cute big eyes open.
Meowing twice, he seemed to be asking Han Xuan, was he planning to raise this ugly guy?
When he learned that it was just food, he immediately became interested in it, saliva brewing in his mouth.
/Earlier, McDull solved physical problems everywhere, but then Pooh didn’t pay attention and stepped on it!
After running to the beach and taking a shower inside and outside, I was holding down McDull