nce in the surrounding valley, and dark clouds began to gather in the originally clear sky.

nce in the surrounding valley, and dark clouds began to gather in the originally clear sky.
/After a while, thunder sounded and raindrops fell. No one was needed to catch them. The tourists and the villagers of Yuwo Village covered their heads and hurried along the mountain road to the mountain village.
Rushing back to Yuwo Village, Tao Lielin did not go home, but went to the Zhang family’s old house again.
/In the main room, he opened the sealed money box, carefully counted the gift money again in front of Zhang Lisheng, and said: “Shan Chongzi, you gave uncle me 30,000 yuan for the funeral.
Rent an ice coffin for six days. , we spent one thousand eight hundred yuan; we bought one hundred and twenty-seven sheep…the total cost is sixty-nine thousand eight hundred and sixty-one yuan and a half.” ”
Uncle Ah Lie, then I will give it to you…”
“Mo Urgent, please listen to me.
I spent so much money on entertaining guests because there were too many tourists eating at the banquet. No wonder they are called donkey guests. Their belly is really full of food.
However, these foreigners are very generous. Tsk tsk, the gift is at least two hundred yuan. If you calculate it this way, not only will we not suffer any loss after the funeral, but we will also make a profit of 52,800 yuan. This still leaves a lot of foreign money.”
A Lielin’s account is completely Throwing away the manpower of Yuwo Village, it is not surprising that there is wealth. Zhang Lisheng said sensibly: “Uncle Ah Lie, I don’t want the rest of the money. You can do me a favor and buy it…” ”
Your baby doesn’t want anything to eat in the future. Don’t think that having hundreds of thousands on hand is safe.
Uncle tells you, your life will be long in the future. Money is becoming more and more improper use of money these days, especially when you leave our mountains.
Uncle has been Soldier, I have worked and seen the world. If you listen to my teachings, you will not suffer any loss. Keep the money. If it is sunny tomorrow or the day after, I will take you to the bank in town to deposit it.”
Zhang Lisheng was silent for a while and nodded. Head, took the money box.
Seeing that he listened to his words, Tao Lielin smiled happily and said, “That’s right. Uncle is gone. Please keep the money carefully and don’t lose it. But no one in your house would dare to Come in.” He strode out of the Zhang family’s old house in the rain.
After closing the wooden door, Zhang Lisheng was left alone in the ancient house. He threw the money box containing tens of thousands of yuan on the sacrificial table in the main room without caring. He looked at the pouring rain in the yard in front of the main room and said, ” Hissing, rustling, hissing, rustling…” the sound.
A shallow ravine appeared on the dirt floor of the yard, and after a while, a huge centipede with a green face and fangs poked its head out of the soil.
Seeing that the witch insect was safe and sound, and seemed to have become even bigger, Zhang Lisheng couldn’t help but feel happy.