r need this gloomy house.” She

r need this gloomy house.” She
was suddenly recognized by Eminem. The sixteen-year-old Zhang Lisheng couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable as he kept calling her “baby”.
But facing Lily’s eyes full of motherly love, he didn’t know how to protest. He could only stammer: “But, but this is my ancestral home.
Besides, even if I really have to leave, I, I have to Say goodbye to the folks, folks, I, I…”
“Baby, we have to leave now, the sooner the better, listen to mother, okay?” Lily looked at Zhang Lisheng with pleading eyes and said.
Zhang Lisheng was stunned for a while, lowered his head and murmured: “Well, then I will also take some. When I go on a long trip, I always prepare some salutes.” ”
/Okay, okay, mom listens to you.
Mom will accompany you in. ” Prepare your luggage, let’s move faster, move faster…” As she spoke, Lili seemed unable to refuse Zhang Lisheng’s request, with a frightened expression on her face, as if she was about to step into lava, protecting Zhang Lisheng, and slowly walked towards Zhang Lisheng, looking extremely nervous. The old house is moving.
“No, you don’t need to accompany me, I’ll be fine soon.” Zhang Lisheng bypassed Lili at this time and ran quickly into the old house.
He went to the main room first, picked up the mountain toad on the ground and threw it into the bamboo basket. After thinking about it, in order to prevent his witch bug from looking too obtrusive in the bamboo basket, he quickly removed the stone mask on the wall of the main room and the altar table. The two stone statues on the bed were also put into the bamboo basket, and finally I found some old clothes and covered them haphazardly.
Zhang Lisheng hurriedly picked up the bamboo basket and ran out of the ancient house.
Seeing that he came out safely, Lily had a look of relief on her face.
Really unable to understand where Lily’s fear of the ancient house came from, Zhang Lisheng walked out of the yard, locked the wooden door, looked at Lily and murmured: “I, I have lived in this house for more than ten years. This is not the Hall of Hell…”
“This is not the Temple of Hell, it is also one of the Satanic Sacrifice Halls. Let’s get out of here quickly, honey.” Lily grabbed Zhang Lisheng and pulled him hard along the mountain village path towards the entrance of the village.
Looking at the backs of the two people, diplomat Thomson was stunned for a while, and whispered to himself: “Perhaps I should suggest that the New York Department of Social Welfare examine the mental state of Ms. Lily. She does not look like He is a citizen who can perform the guardianship duties of minors normally.”
Lili pulled Zhang Lisheng and ran all the way. Along the way, the bamboo buildings and distant mountains that looked ignorant under the dim moonlight seemed to be like monsters in her eyes. fear.
Arriving at an SUV with a black foreign affairs license plate at the entrance of the village, she suddenly opened the back door, pushed Zhang Lisheng into the car, then climbed into the back seat and locked the do