the French palace guards wearing bright red military uniforms saw the old king walking out with a cold expression, silently guarding the surroundings.

the French palace guards wearing bright red military uniforms saw the old king walking out with a cold expression, silently guarding the surroundings.
“Ciro, send an order to Count Anorton, saying that I would rather make a deal with the devil in hell than charge into battle with a rude wild boar.” He staggered through the long corridor and came to a heavy, In front of the ancient carved wooden door, the old man hesitated for a long time with a gloomy face, and then ordered decisively with a hoarse voice.
Although he didn’t understand the deep meaning of this order, when the resolute-faced captain of the guard heard the Sun King’s order, he said without pausing for thought, “As you command. My king.”, turned around and strode away.
Looking at his retreating figure, the old king suddenly felt deep regret in his heart. He hesitated several times and wanted to withdraw his decree, but the kind of emotion that ordinary people could not imagine was born from long-term control of absolute power. His pride and arrogance prevented him from speaking in the end.
“If it weren’t for the damn Tandoori who developed the ‘Artillery Infantry Phalanx’, how could I have lost to that pig in Hof?
/It’s just a new god who relies on sneak attacks to win. What the Holy Emperor Kailin of Rome can do , I can do it too…” Seeing the captain of the guard disappear into the darkness, the Sun King felt hot in his heart. He murmured to himself and pushed open the wooden door. His figure also disappeared into the corridor. At this time, on the other side of the continent, , Zhang Lisheng was bathing in the sunshine in the small garden of Jinhuajie Manor, drinking tea and listening to the frontline news brought by several Wu-Li warrior leaders wearing golden hoops.
“After seeing the magic power of the land priests from the same country, the prisoners of war became much more honest and worked harder and harder. There were more and more wooden frames used to hang the escapees,” said a stout man With exposed veins on his neck and an ugly and ferocious face, the commander of the Wu-Li Army prostrated on the ground and said, “It’s all because of your divine power that I can…” ”
Okay, Aluch, there’s no need to say any more words of praise, as long as you can remember Please follow my instructions, all mainlanders who convert to my faith are your compatriots, and they are also Wuli people. There can be no discrimination against them. This is the most sincere praise for my ‘virtue’.” Zhang Lisheng breathed. The pleasant fragrance of flowers interrupted the native’s words.
“Yes, great god,” Aruqi said respectfully: “Any living being who offers piety to you will be my close brother of the same race.” Naturally, the
young man was not satisfied with the exaggerated promise made to a native who was not a fanatical believer of him. He would be serious and say with a smile, “I hope so.” Then he said no more and turned his attention to another worshiping native figure, “You have a toothache, how are you preparing for the next big battle? ”