on and felt helpless.

Of course, he knew very well that this was because he had only worked for more than a month. If he extended the time to a year, he could still save more than one hundred pounds.
“In two weeks, I have to tell Benson and Melissa that my salary is 3 pounds more and I can hire a maid so I don’t have any private money,” Klein thought as he walked towards the main entrance of the underground trading market.
At this moment, he saw Old Neil, wearing a black classical robe, walking in slowly.
“All bought,” Old Neil said hello with a smile.
“Yes.” Klein replied calmly.
Old Neil suddenly clicked his tongue: “You came really early.”
/“This is because I’m still hungry and you’ve already had dinner.” Klein greeted Old Neil very casually.
After a while, Swain, the owner of the Dragon Bar wearing a navy officer’s uniform, came in from outside, approached the two of them with a solemn expression, and said in a low voice:
“I need your help.”
“What happened?” Old Neil suddenly became serious, and Klein couldn’t help but raise his heart.
Swain, who had messy brown hair and a strong smell of alcohol, replied in a deep voice:
“There is a member of the Punisher Squad who has lost control nearby. We must deal with him before he causes harm to ordinary people.”
Out of control, Klein’s heart tightened and he almost blurted out a question.
“One-quarter of the incidents handled every year are extraordinary people losing control, and a large part of this quarter are our teammates.” Dunn’s words flashed in his mind, making his reaction… It seems to become sluggish.
But Old Neil, who had experienced too many similar incidents, immediately asked:
“Where are the out-of-control people and what do we need to do?”
Klein was stunned for a moment. He thought that a slippery and lazy “semi-retired person” like Old Neil would find an excuse to refuse Swain’s request, or extort a large sum of benefits before trying to help. He didn’t expect that the other party would actually There was no hesitation at all, and he went directly into the state of participation, not caring about the difference between the Nighthawks and the Punishers.
Looking at Old Neil with a serious expression, Klein suddenly understood one thing, that is, regardless of the Nighthawks, Punishers, or members of the Heart of Machinery, the goal is to prevent extraordinary forces from harming innocent people and protect Tingen City. Peace and stability, if you encounter a dangerous and emergency situation, your duty lies and you are bound to
At this time, Swain answered unusually briefly:
“Be my assistant”
He quickly walked towards the exit without explaining why he lost control or where the person who lost control was.
The former “Punisher” captain was obviously just an old man addicted to alcohol, but Klein found that he couldn’t keep up with his opponent and had to jog to barely keep up.
He glanced sideways at Old Neil, and saw that the “Secret Peeper” whose body was showing signs of aging also started running.
The three of them didn’t pay a