o class.” Xiong Ba said, but his words There seems to be something in it.

o class.” Xiong Ba said, but his words There seems to be something in it.
“Thank you to Senior Xiong Ba and Senior Chongming for giving me this opportunity to study.”
“Hi!” Xiong Ba smiled, “Save it, people who hear such polite words will want to vomit. I do this for a purpose. And the one you really want to thank is Senior Chongming.”
Yin Kuang didn’t frown slightly. Because no matter how he heard it, he felt that Xiong Ba’s words, “What you really have to thank is Senior Chongming” were a bit contrary to his wishes. Especially when thinking of Xiong Ba’s words yesterday, Yin Kuang felt something was wrong even more.
“Yes!” Yin Kuang suddenly understood, “Xiong Ba is reminding me that I have become the object of their special attention!” Cold sweat slowly broke out from Yin Kuang’s back, “Idiot! I should have thought of it a long time ago . As a Purple Dragon Soul Controller, how could they not pay attention to me! And let’s just say, some of them have already included me in their list. Senior Chongming, Senior Hou Ye, and Wan, who has been silent for a long time. Senior Ming, maybe this is why Xiong Ba came to me to tell me. Because in his view, he and I are in the same boat, or will soon be in the same boat.”
In fact, it’s no wonder that Yin Kuang is busy. First of all, he is busy struggling to survive in the examination room, and Senior The seniors all stayed at a distance. Then, in his opinion, how could the senior who was so superior and whose strength was unfathomable take such a small freshman like him seriously? At most, I only pay a little attention to it, but it cannot rise to the level of “concern”.
/But at this moment, Xiong Ba’s words made Yin Kuang slightly nervous.
And if he knew that he had already been noticed by the two giants, he didn’t know what he would think.
Because, from what Xiong Ba has learned, it can be seen that being given special attention by these seniors is definitely not a good thing!
Xiong Ba glanced at Yin Kuang, and then said faintly: “This is a college. Here is the stage for the strong and the execution platform for the weak. I really want to become the strong one who is high above. Yin Kuang, you are the best among the strong. Dream, is that enough?”
Silently, the two of them arrived outside the “Tomb” auditorium. Looking up and staring at the huge tomb, Xiong Ba said to Yin Kuang: “Follow me closely later, or I will get lost. Do you understand?”
Yin Kuang responded.
/And just when Xiong Ba lifted his steps and stepped onto the stairs, a strange voice suddenly came from behind, “Hey, look who this is. Isn’t this the protagonist today!”
Then, there was a mess of laughter.
“Brother Gang, you are exalting him too much. Brother Long is the real protagonist today.”
“San’er is right. This big guy is just a sidekick. Apart from being used to set off the protagonist, he has no actual value. .”
“No, no! It can help us win a little bit and learn something, right?”
“Haha, yes, yes. I can bet tens of thousands on Brother Long to win. It’s just that the odds