miled. Holding the golden key tightly, Bai Lu couldn’t wait to chase the next target.

miled. Holding the golden key tightly, Bai Lu couldn’t wait to chase the next target.
Not long after Bai Lu left, many burning pieces of black cloth suddenly appeared out of thin air at the fighting place, and then these burning pieces of cloth gathered together. Finally, the Black Cloth Man appeared. He ignored the head at his feet and the headless corpse on the ground. He walked to the side where the fake soul stone was placed and bent down to pick it up. “True is true and false, false is true. Sometimes belief is true, and disbelief is false; sometimes disbelief is true, and belief becomes false. Who can tell clearly? Poor mortals.” This is “Jun” “the sound of. After saying that, you shook the black cloth and hid the soul-casting stone in the black cloth.
/Then, the black cloth man turned into burning rags all over the sky and disappeared.
Go back to the residential area. Under the joint siege of Yin Kuang, Beidao and others, plus a dose of “BT sedative” given by Zeng Fei before, and after paying some price, the Hulk was finally put away. Although the period was not extremely dangerous, it was extremely intense. Thanks to Zeng Fei’s “BT sedative”, otherwise Yin Kuang and others might not be able to deal with the Hulk due to his characteristic of “getting stronger the angrier he gets”. Finally, Yin Kuang’s “Dragon Raise His Head” blow removed one of the Hulk’s arms and legs. Amidst the continuous screams, Liang Ying finally gradually retreated from the Hulk state.
Without waiting for Liang Ying to say anything, Yin Kuang grabbed the green sword and slashed it straight down. Liang Ying thus followed in Ouyang’s footsteps. Then Yin Kuang took one step ahead of Bei Dao and searched Liang Ying’s key from his pocket. Naturally, the two parties had a small dispute about the ownership of this key. Bei Dao believes that he has contributed the most, and Liang Ying is also his target. The key to this revelation should belong to him. Yin Kuang and others naturally disagreed. Liang Ying was killed by everyone, so there was no reason why the key to Beidao should be kept by one person. Besides, in terms of credit, Zeng Fei deserves the most credit. It’s just that Zeng Fei’s key has been “reserved” by Bo Cai, so he doesn’t fight for it. Seeing that the dispute couldn’t stop, and neither party was willing to give in, Yin Kuang simply said: “If you want the key, come and grab it!” Since the words couldn’t make sense, he had no choice but to take action. Although violence cannot solve the problem, violence is the easiest way to solve the problem. Bei Dao immediately raised his hands in a gesture of surrender and said: “Okay! You win.” Just kidding, five against one, Bei Dao would only get tough if his brain was caught in the door. Yin Kuang said: “Besides, as long as we kill all our opponents, the final number of keys will be enough for us to leave here.” In this way, the fight between the two sides came to a temporary halt.
Sure enough, Liu Xie returned to this community shortly after Yin Kuang and his party left. She expe