ng defense of you?”

ng defense of you?”
young man was just in a daze, as if he hadn’t heard anything.
“Junior brother, forget it, Qingyu is still a young man. …”
“Brother, in order to avenge Qingyu’s family, you killed this evil cat three years ago and let him escape. I ran into this guy and chased him for more than forty days before I finally succeeded. During this period, I suffered countless tortures.
This evil cat is weak, but it is the best at escaping. Without personal experience, who would have thought…”
“Junior brother, I won’t say anymore! “The man in white raised his sword eyebrows and roared angrily.
/The middle-aged man with a square nose and a big mouth was stunned for a moment and sighed, “Senior brother, why are you doing this? You have to do your best to protect your disciples, but you still have to be misunderstood by them, eh…”, no After talking again, there was silence in the RV.
/Chapter 119: Zhang Lisheng’s strange request .
I didn’t know that Shanmao was caught because of bad luck and met his former enemy. Before he died, he wanted to borrow a knife to kill someone, and planned to Zhang Lisheng, who took him to hell with him, thought hard and couldn’t guess who would use the bobcat as bait to induce him to take action. After
thinking about it, he could only make up his mind to be more careful and cautious when driving the witch insects in the future. There is also the need to break through to the realm of land witches as soon as possible, master the power of transformation, break away from the ordinary habits of mortals, and have the power to protect yourself in the face of truly powerful enemies.
“Li Sheng, why are you so dazed again? We are going to the dress shop. .
“Are you full? ”
“Of course. Look, we’ve finished all the desserts. ” “Tina shook the glass filled with cream ice cream.
“Then let’s go. Have you driven?
“It’s customary to have a driver pick you up when you go to a dress store. It’s a battlefield for New York ladies. ” “Tina said, taking out the phone from her handbag and pressing it twice. After a while, a bright silver extended-length ‘Maybach’ slowly drove over and parked on the side of the road.
Then, a man around fifty years old came with the phone. The driver wearing a blue round hat and light blue uniform ran out of the car diligently and opened the back door of the car facing Tina.
Tina, Shelia, and Tracy stood up and got into the car. Zhang Lisheng said helplessly. After paying the bills, he also got in the car.
The driver gently opened the door, turned back to the driver’s seat, and started the car.
For a man, the most tiring thing compared to trying on dresses with one woman is undoubtedly trying on dresses with three women. Moreover, I have to endure some “chirping” judgmental comments from some strange women whom I don’t know at all and who think they are secretive.
“Thank you for your hard work, honey. Don’t worry, my adult birthday is only once in my life. You will never need to come again in the future. “Tina smiled and wrote a blank check,