Interstellar Investment Headquarters, which is under renovation.

Interstellar Investment Headquarters, which is under renovation.
During this period, Trump received the news and after canceling several schedules, he quickly came to see Han Xuan
They were on their way to 220 Central Park South, intending to visit the real estate being developed there.
The city is crisscrossed by roads.
/There are blue street signs at every intersection with white numbers written on them. The numbers increase from south to north, marking the neighborhoods. There are also numbers from east to west, just like the non-existent latitude and longitude grid on the globe.
Even a fool can understand this kind of road sign. No matter where you stand, you can accurately locate and reach where you want to go.
New York has a lot of money, but it has reserved a Central Park in Manhattan. It would take about six hours to see all of this park, which shows how big it is.
In the evening, you can still see the sun in Central Park, but it’s not hot, and it feels warm on your body.
There are many people walking their dogs on the roadside, and there are also many parents walking their children. Tourists can rent bicycles and visit the wonderful scenery around them.
There are many chairs in the park, all engraved with names or things that the donors want to commemorate. They are simple but full of deep memories.
Han Xuan got out of the car, raised his head and looked at the tall building not far away. It is estimated to be 273 meters tall. .
This project had been fully planned before he approached Trump last year, but it was temporarily shelved because of a break in the funding chain.
After a year of construction, the exterior glass has now begun and should be completed by the middle of next year.
Han Xuan could hear the pride in Trump’s tone.
Although this guy doesn’t have a good reputation and often says inappropriate things, like a psycho, his business acumen and interpersonal skills are really admirable.
When he took over the business from his father, Trump’s company was less than one percent of its current size.
To be able to obtain the title of “King of Real Estate” in New York, a land of crouching tigers, hidden dragons, is definitely not something that ordinary people can achieve.
Walking towards the construction site, Han Xuan asked Trump: “How many apartments are there in this building?”
“In the original release plan, there were a total of 118 super high-end apartments. Now I plan to cancel the original villa and build one next to it. A low-rise building, increasing the number of apartments to about 175. The minimum selling price of our apartments is nine million US dollars, which is about forty thousand US dollars per square meter. The largest one occupies three floors, with a total area of ??about two Thousands of square meters has been bought by someone. You should know the buyer. The super-rich man whose net worth has skyrocketed in recent years, Larry Ellison, is the guy from Oracle who does some unknown business. , the transaction price is 88 million US dollars.”