n, he still knew that the Tudenan tribe had worshiped him as a god.

n, he still knew that the Tudenan tribe had worshiped him as a god.
This kind of authority that is revered by thousands of people and controls the fate and even lives of mortals was once controlled by all accomplished “witches” in ancient times, but today this kind of majesty has long been just a legend that has been lost in history.
When ten thousand people piled up in the darkness, it didn’t seem too much, but when they spread out and rushed into the open space with flashing firelight, it felt like it was boundless.
“Is this the courtesy that great witches received in ancient times?
Enjoying the worship and respect of humans, leading their own tribes to fight and rob resources…” The young man looked at the dark figure lying on the ground, and at first he was a little confused. He looked intoxicated, but when he came back to his senses and saw clearly the ugly primitive appearance of those short and prostrate dwarfs from another world, he couldn’t help but smile bitterly.
/If he were living in a mountain village in western Sichuan, or if he had just arrived in the United States, Zhang Lisheng wouldn’t mind hiding in this alien world island, being a tribal ‘earth god’, and cultivating the ‘witchcraft’ way.
“Great Remodeler, do you decide to perform martial arts and military exercises to select the new leader of Tudenan, or directly give the history book to someone in the tribe.” Suddenly a humble and respectful voice interrupted the young man of imagination.
But now that he has made extraordinary achievements in the civilized world and is fully capable of collecting more resources, he has no intention of abandoning the comfortable life in the human world and living in seclusion on this wild and primitive island.
But then he thought about it, and an idea suddenly appeared in the young man’s mind. He couldn’t help but mutter to himself: “You can’t have your cake and eat it too. No, no, if the current situation continues, getting the best of both worlds may not be a luxury.” …”
Zhang Lisheng was stunned, and when he came back to his senses, he saw that the speaker was Tugra lying at his feet. He asked in a low voice, “Can’t the historical books be collected by me?” ”
If you will stay in the tribe forever, then of course the historical books can be collected by me. You collect it…” Tugla raised his head and said in surprise.
“That won’t work, I will return to the sea soon.” Zhang Lisheng was stunned, looked up at the crumbling moon, thought for a while, and loudly said: “Tugla, you are the only person I know who has ever been for the future. The revival of the Tudenan tribe that collapsed and perished, and the Tudenan people who were willing to go into exile.
After experiencing so many hardships and dangers, the tribe was able to revitalize, and I decided to bestow the position of ‘Headman’ on you.” As
he spoke, he He strode up to the heads of the two dead forest spirits, picked up Tudenan’s bark book, patted the soil on it, and put it into Tugla’s hands.
Around the fire, all the natives w