ch other, and a strong idea quickly burst out.

He didn’t resist and shouted directly:
“I’ll be here volunteering for a month!”
——Emlyn’s experience has long been spread among Backlund’s vampire circles. Ernes Boyar has been famous for Father Utravsky for a long time, and he knows that even if he resists, he cannot escape the fate of a volunteer. Then It is better to simply surrender and choose conditions more beneficial to you.
At least he can’t be hinted at, and he can’t convert to the “Mother Goddess of the Earth”… As soon as Ernes had this thought, he discovered that Father Utravsky was holding a lantern in his hand, with a lantern wrapped in human skin placed inside. , strange candles that highlight pimples.
Under the dim candlelight, Ernes’s pupils dilated again, and there was only one thought left in his mind, echoing endlessly:
Another psychological suggestion…
/At this moment, he felt that the shadow in his heart was so thick.
“Okay.” Father Utravsky nodded and agreed to Ernes Boyar’s request.
Emlyn held back a smile that was mixed with pride and joy, and looked at the various items he had just caught, like a farmer who had received a bumper harvest.
In a private room on the third floor of a Severas-style restaurant in Saint-Hilland Square, the light suddenly dimmed and a large shadow appeared.
Tiny bats flew out of the darkness and quickly gathered together.
Smoke rose into the air, and Count Mistral, with light silver hair and scarlet eyes, appeared where the bats originally gathered, and everything around him returned to normal.
His servant, the middle-aged man in dark formal clothes, immediately stepped forward, saluted and asked:
“Your Majesty, would you like to eat now?”
He couldn’t tell from the count’s face whether things were smooth or difficult, whether the final result was success or failure, but he didn’t dare to ask.
Mistral nodded slightly and said:
He walked to the dining table with a calm expression, took off the sapphire ring, and sat down without losing any of his grace, as if he had just gone out to feed the pigeons.
“The taste is rich and strange, but not bad…” In the box next to Count Mistral, Klein with an ordinary face was enjoying and commenting on a dish that was very Silveras-style—— Sheep stomach offal.
Although this disciplinary action was a cooperative attempt by several members of the Tarot Society and did not require the intervention of “The World” or even “Mr. Fool”, Klein considered that Miss Justice and “Moon” Emlyn either did not have similar experience, or Inexperienced, he quietly came to the nearby area to provide final protection.
He had previously asked Marionette to pray to “The Fool” at the dining table. He then entered the private bathroom and came above the gray fog. With the help of corresponding light spots, he expanded his field of vision to the entire square and the surrounding area.
At the same time, he always holds the “Poseidon’s Scepter”, ready to immediately send lightning from the sky to stop it if something is wr