ore we could get in. My God, it’s so cold.”

ore we could get in. My God, it’s so cold.”
/Lawyer Clark He said anxiously: “I’m sorry, gentlemen, have you got the medicine?”
“Yes, it’s in my bag.”
Du Ersha raised his head and rubbed his face, putting his hands by the fire to bake, “Wait, my hands are numb, move. No, I’m from the south, and the weather is really terrible.”
I brought them new clothes, and it took a while for Du Ersi to calm down.
The pine wood was still burning brightly in the fireplace, but the temperature in the house was still dropping. There was a layer of ice on the windows, making it blurry to see the outside.
Pooh came to get the wood, but its fat could withstand the weather.
But I have been pampered for several years, and lived in a temperate zone when I was a child. My mouth was trembling with cold, and I looked up at the air outlet of the central air conditioner with a resentful look on my face.
I miss the days of last year so much.
He went upstairs with his purse and prepared to give Dai Ni an infusion. She looked pale and had beads of sweat on the tip of her nose.
Putting a towel on her forehead, Joanna held the ice pack with her hands.
When Du Ersi picked up the saline solution, he almost threw it away.
Too cold.
I put it in front of me and looked at it carefully. Fortunately, it was not frozen, just cold.
He stuffed it into his chest and warmed it with his body temperature, opened bottles of medicine, and asked Clark: “Is she allergic to penicillin?”
“No, I have taken this type of medicine before, and I rarely gave her infusions since she was a child. She has always been in good health, but the doctor said that the infusion is not good.” ”
There is nothing we can do about it. Her fever is too severe. It may be life-threatening if it exceeds 41 degrees. It takes time to take the medicine and absorb it. Currently, the fastest The method is infusion, Joanna, what’s her temperature?”
Du Ersha had been at the Snow Mountain Ranch for a long time and got to know her. He took a syringe and filled the glass bottle with the liquid, injected it into the bottle containing the powder, and shook it vigorously to mix.
“40.6 degrees. I just measured it ten minutes ago. It’s a little lower!” ”
Applying ice will lower the temperature. The actual number must be higher than this. The antipyretic medicine she just took is almost working. She has less infusion and the effect will be very good.” Obviously. People who lose often will produce antibodies in their bodies, and the effect is not as good as the last. This is the conclusion that the “Journal of the American Medical Association” just tested in the first half of the year.”
Du Ersi found that the people around him were staring at him, and he closed his mouth.
He changed a syringe and filled it with medicine, injected it through the saline pad, and asked Gabriel to get a hanger and hang the bottle.
He tore open the bag and took out the transparent leather tube, inserted it into the leather pad, squeezed it, waited for the liquid to be full, squatted down and