t without Yin Kuang’s active mobilization, seeping into the Ruyi Stick, and instantly started to rotate at high speed with the Ruyi Stick.

t without Yin Kuang’s active mobilization, seeping into the Ruyi Stick, and instantly started to rotate at high speed with the Ruyi Stick.
This time, perhaps due to the high-speed rotation, the penetration of the power of death did not cause any changes, but the spiral light of three colors quickly rotated like the rotating pillars outside a barber shop.
Time began to pass little by little. But it’s not fast, it’s no longer the same year, hundred, or thousand years that it used to be. Soon after, heavy snow fell from the sky, and white elves suddenly flew between the sky and the earth. When the snow stops and the night comes to dawn. The rotation speed of the Ruyi Stick began to slow down little by little.
Yin Kuang felt it clearly.
/Obviously, it is no longer necessary to stabilize the three laws by rotation.
The wishful stick rotated slower and slower, slower and slower, and finally, it stopped directly? Yin Kuang was not in a hurry, he waited quietly. He knew it wasn’t over yet.
Perhaps, the real “axis” of condensation has just begun
. Sure enough, about half a minute later, the wishful stick began to rotate from right to left.
Yin Kuang trembled violently!
Because he felt the power of the three laws that had penetrated into the Ruyi Golden Cudgel begin to flow back into his body. Moreover, the three forces of law were entangled together, drilling Yin Kuang through like a drill
. At this moment, Yin Kuang was in a trance: I am this world, and this world is me!
I am the world, the world is me!
/This is the feeling. If Yin Kuang changed the world through pure power before, now he feels that he can change the world essentially.
Move mountains and seas?
It’s a change of scenery!
Why change the world? He wants this world to have light where there is light, and darkness to have darkness. He can change the sky from blue to red, the mountains to the deep sea, and the two-legged people to four-legged and eight-legged people. In fact, as long as he has a thought and stops the rotation of the “axis of the world”, the world can collapse instantly!
This feeling is so amazing and wonderful.
But for a moment, Yin Kuang escaped from the feeling that “the world is no different from me”. He felt the three forces of “creation”, “destruction” and “death” intersect in his body, forming a triple helix structure rotating like a drill. I can’t tell where exactly it is in the body, but it is there! Immediately afterwards, the “auger” of the three laws violently penetrated Yin Kuang’s body. Although Yin Kuang couldn’t see it, he could feel the three laws spiraling toward the sky.
The Ruyi Golden Cudgel began to rotate faster and faster, faster and faster!
Then, Yin Kuang felt that the three spiral entangled laws began to come together, contact, and then merge. Perhaps it was because the Ruyi Golden Cudgel drove the three laws to rotate. The three laws came into contact very smoothly, and even when they started to merge, there were no changes.
Well done!
Yin Kuang was very excited.
He could