t a few loyal ministers and righteous men in the court who are trustworthy. Discuss carefully.” Yin Kuang warned: “Be careful. Don’t let Thief Dong notice it.”

t a few loyal ministers and righteous men in the court who are trustworthy. Discuss carefully.” Yin Kuang warned: “Be careful. Don’t let Thief Dong notice it.”
After leaving Wang Yun’s room, Yin Kuang looked at the time, and it was already half past one in the morning. He sighed secretly, “This Wang Yun is not that easy to fool.”
/A night of silence.
Another two days passed peacefully. A total of more than two million people in the three cities of Luoyang, who were extremely coerced by Dong Zhuo’s army, finally arrived in Chang’an on this day. Dong Zhuo’s 100,000-strong army was immediately divided into two groups, one group stationed in Chang’an City, and the other group stationed outside the east city gate. It took three full days for the vast and miserable flow of people to enter Chang’an City from the sixteen city gates in the southeast, northwest and northwest. For a time, Chang’an City was overcrowded, sweeping away the deserted atmosphere of the previous few days. Perhaps the riots on the road a few days ago aroused Dong Zhuo’s vigilance and disgust. On the one hand, Dong Zhuo adopted extremely bloody suppression methods against these people. On the other hand, he followed Li Ru’s suggestion to select those ruffians among the people and divide them into “bones”. “Give them to rule over the scattered people. Not to mention, the effect is amazing. There have only been a few small-scale disturbances in the past few days, and they were quickly suppressed. This made Yin Kuang, who was hiding in the dark and preparing to cause trouble, quite helpless.
Among Dong Zhuo’s team, Yin Kuang discovered Tagore and others. Judging from his shiny armor, riding a tall horse, and sixteen soldiers following behind him, in Yin Kuang’s words, he looked “like a human and a dog.” Yin Kuang was thinking in his mind that this Tagori had already become a general. You must know that even if you have military merit in the army, you may not be able to be promoted, let alone become a general. So why did Tagori get reuse as soon as he took refuge with Dong Zhuo? Could it be that he has the aura of a protagonist and is so domineering that he makes Dong Zhuo fall to his knees? Come on! If he had the aura of a protagonist, then he would have robbed his woman of her “dragon armor” and would have died long ago. After much deliberation, Yin Kuang could only think that Tagore might have fallen in love with Dong Zhuo and used a beauty trap.
Tagore deceived Yuan Shao, hid the real jade seal secretly, and dedicated the real jade seal to Dong Zhuo. This was done very secretly. It involved Dong Zhuo’s ascension to the throne and proclaimed himself emperor, so no news was leaked. As for Yuan Shao, at this time Yuan Shao himself still didn’t find out that the jade seal was fake. Because of Cao Cao’s commotion, he had ordered his cronies to pack the jade seal and take it back to the Bohai base camp. In order to maintain superficial harmony, the princes did not reveal anything. Therefore, no matter how hard the intelligence personnel of the univer