in an instant.

in an instant.
The next moment, a bright light suddenly appeared, radiating in a ring, and then the fire shot into the sky, and then a mushroom cloud expanded from small to large, straight into the sky.
Boom, boom, boom! !
The terrifying destructive energy spread to the surroundings one by one, and the surrounding mountains were swallowed up in one go.
However, when the energy of the explosion spread to a hundred meters, the center of the explosion suddenly sunk toward the center like a funnel, and then all the destructive energy gathered toward the central depression, gradually forming a strange vortex. Even the mushroom clouds in the sky quickly descended and were sucked into the whirlpool. There was also the sound of explosions, which seemed to be swallowed up by the vortex. The entire sky seemed to darken at this moment.
/This scene is quite shocking and spectacular.
In “Wishful Ball”, Yin Kuang couldn’t see the situation outside at all, and of course he didn’t need to. But he could clearly feel that his purple dragon soul power was actively instilled by Yin Kuang before it was squeezed by the “Ruyi Ball”, but now it is passively squeezed. This shows how huge the energy consumption of the Ruyi Rod is to resist the explosion outside!
Finally, two minutes later, Yin Kuang felt that the shaking finally stopped.
it’s over?
After waiting for a while, Yin Kuang’s heart moved and he released himself from the “Wishful Ball”.
At this time, in terms of quantity, he only had about 5% of the Purple Dragon Soul Power left. Therefore, an uncontrollable feeling of weakness swept through Yin Kuang’s body.
However, he couldn’t care less about that now. Looking around, I saw a huge sinkhole with a radius of 100 meters in front of me. It was unknown how deep it was, and it seemed like an endless abyss. The surrounding mountains seemed as if a piece of it had been gouged out by a huge iron bucket. As for the plants, everything was burnt black and had no other color.
What made Yin Kuang’s heart skip a beat was that where he was standing was less than five meters from the edge of the sinkhole!
“King Ada, King Ada, it’s a pity that I, Yin Kuang, have a tough life. I can’t die like this. You deserve to die in my hands!” Yin Kuang smiled slightly and turned around to go to the central capital.
But before he took a few steps, something strange surged in his heart, causing him to subconsciously turn around and lift his head.
Yin Kuang saw that the void above the abyss sinkhole suddenly twisted and expanded. The next moment, a huge mass of edema and fat appeared out of thin air in mid-air, and the shadow instantly covered Yin Kuang. Then it falls to the ground under the influence of gravity. It looks like an irregular balloon filled with water falling from the sky. Its girth might not even be able to block the sinkhole below.
“No way? You won’t die even if you do this!?”
After a moment of astonishment, Yin Kuang activated his Ancestral Dragon Soul Power, which had just reached full strength, and then rushed