‘s good. My parents met with Hill’s parents and were discussing the engagement.”

‘s good. My parents met with Hill’s parents and were discussing the engagement.”
“Your attic has been renovated. One time Jigglypuff didn’t close the window, and it rained heavily and water flooded in. Fortunately, we found It’s early, the room downstairs is fine.”
Joanna brought him the slippers, put them in the cupboard after Han Xuan had changed them, and said, “Are you hungry? There are some sandwiches in the kitchen, just warm them up.”
Pang Ding had quietly slipped in when he mentioned them. Let’s go, Han Xuan watched it twist and turn as it walked, and said with a smile: “No, I ate at the rest stop on the way.”
The dawn rose from the horizon.
The swimming pool water sparkled in the sun, and the alfalfa meadows and lavender fields in the distance were sprinkled with golden color.
This is the attic balcony, where Han Xuan slept last night.
There was a small folding bed on it, and it was windy on summer nights, with the starry sky and the smell of freshly cut grass, and there were no mosquitoes.
It seems that this hateful little insect will avoid Han Xuan. Anyway, he has never been bitten since he was a child. This really makes Han Xuan’s father envious. He will not bite the tender ones, but he likes his old skin and flesh. , every summer is the most unlucky for him.
Jigglypuff was curled up next to his master, not yet awake. He was lying on his back on the bed, occasionally scratching his belly. His tail was hanging on the edge of the bed. He felt uncomfortable being pressed by Han Xuan’s paws, so he pulled out and turned over.
It fell.
Resentment grabbed the sheets and tried to climb up, but there was too much grease, so it was a little difficult. His short legs kept scratching, and his face wrinkled together.
Guo’s mother bent over and got out of the wooden window of the study, walked to the balcony and pushed it. Then Jigglypuff breathed a sigh of relief and sat down slowly on the bed.
Han Xuan was shaken awake by his mother. He wiped his eyes and stood up, murmuring: “What’s wrong, Mom?”
“Old Hall’s funeral starts at nine o’clock. I’m going to Augusta Town later. Get up and get ready.” Mother Guo packed up the sheets scattered on the floor and said, “The clothes are ready and on the bed in your room. Come down quickly and have breakfast. Joanna is making it.”
Mother Guo said in a very tone after not seeing her son for a long time. Kind, Han Xuan knew that he had been away from home for a long time and was like this when he first came home. He didn’t know how long it would last before he became disgusted again.
Beside the small garden pool, the cowboys who had a close relationship with Old Hall all wore black and dark blue clothes today.
/The cowboys wore black ties. John bought dozens of white flowers last night and distributed them to them to pin on their chests. Aunt Kelly, wearing a long gray skirt, gathered together with three or four cowboy family members dressed similarly.
/Han Xuan saw through the window that most of the people were here. He hurriedly finishe