cause of his confidence in the Purple Dragon Soul Flame that Yin Kuang is not worried at all.

cause of his confidence in the Purple Dragon Soul Flame that Yin Kuang is not worried at all.
Yin Kuang dodged and came to the Stitched Flesh Monster, and struck it with a knife. Purple flames ignited on the “Ruyi Knife”.
This knife struck down without any hindrance!
When the stitched meat monster and Yin Kuang passed by each other, they had already become two halves. This time, the Stitched Flesh Monster wasn’t twisting as happily as before, and it actually looked like it was twitching.
However, just when Yin Kuang was about to attack again, the sutured meat monster that was split into two actually escaped in two directions! This ghost thing is actually very cunning. After discovering that Yin Kuang could harm it, he ran away decisively. What’s even more annoying is that the speed of escaping is extremely fast!
/Yin Kuang simply gritted his teeth and chased the half on the left. Blood Thorn threw his knight’s spear with all his strength. Although he pinned the other half of the meat monster to the ground accurately, the meat monster quickly broke free and turned towards the “Great Steel Wall”. Broken mouth ran.
But at this moment, a figure leaped out from the cross-shaped crack in the distance. After a pause, he rushed towards the Stitched Flesh Monster running towards the fracture of the “Great Steel Wall”. The half-stitched meat monster obviously noticed the man who jumped out of the cross rift, and actually increased its speed by one point, running more and more desperately towards the fracture in the distance.
Here, Yin Kuang caught up with the meat-stitching monster. This time he learned from the previous lesson and didn’t use the knife again. After injecting the purple dragon soul power into the “Ruyi Knife”, the “Ruyi Knife” turned into a “Ruyi Net” with just a thought, and the half of the sutured flesh monsters were netted up with a single move. As the “Ruyi Net” was locked, the purple dragon soul power above was also injected into the stitched meat monster, and the stitched meat monster began to twitch violently. Yin Kuang rushed over and injected another wave of purple dragon soul power. The sutured meat monster shook more violently for a few times before completely wilting.
After Yin Kuang confirmed that the “Immortal Demonic Touch” was dead, he turned and chased in another direction. Looking from a distance, I found that the other half of the stitched flesh monster was actually entangled with a human figure. What surprised Yin Kuang was that the man was not afraid of the “touch of the immortal demon” and fought with him in close combat.
Yin Kuang’s speed increased instead of slowing down, and he chased after him. When he got closer and saw clearly the person entangled with the “Immortal Demonic Touch”, he was shocked in vain.
That person looks exactly like Yin Kuang.
“Is it him who is super S-level? No! Now he doesn’t have the aura of super-S-level at all. If he reaches the sky, he is S-level. It can’t be him! But such a huge crack in the ground , who made the break on the Great Wall