ave the magic potion formula for this route, and they also lack “craftsmen”. The only way to retain those extraordinary characteristics is to depend on luck, to see when they can actively corrode surrounding objects and evolve into the sealed artifact “Moon” Emlyn is trying to Convince yourself that you are helping Silver City, rather than asking for help from a certain “sun”.

Derrick “The Sun” was stunned, and answered very frankly without any concealment:
“But, Mr. Moon, do you want pus all over your body?”
Ah, Emlyn’s expression was a little dull, and he couldn’t understand for a moment whether the other party was mocking him or reminding him of something.
Derrick “The Sun” saw this and quickly added:
“They all have serious mental pollution residues, and without the magic potion formula, we in Silver City will not waste our efforts to clean up the problems inside.”
This is a bit troublesome. “Moon” Emlyn gently nodded and said:
“I see.”
He did not discuss the possible transaction in depth, and was going to ask the top brass of the vampire clan to clarify the matter of mental pollution within the extraordinary characteristics.
The trading session ended, and the members of the Tarot Club began to communicate freely.
“Justice” Audrey looked at “The World” Gehrman Sparrow first and said hesitantly:
“Can I know where the characteristics of Chaos Tutor come from? If it involves secrets, you don’t have to answer.”
/She was preparing to convince her father, Earl Hall, and also to avoid unnecessary trouble. After all, the Beyonders of the “Black Emperor” pathway might have certain relationships with the royal family and the military.
Klein chuckled secretly and asked The World to answer:
“It came from a curly baboon.”
From a curly-haired baboon “Justice” Audrey didn’t know for a moment whether Mr. “World” was talking about real curly-haired baboons, or whether he was referring to some humans who couldn’t calculate.
It seemed that Mr. “World” didn’t intend to explain further. Well, let’s just treat it as a real curly-haired baboon. Audrey didn’t ask any more questions, and instead said:
“Didn’t I go to a place where there is a custom of dragon worship in order to trace the traces of the spiritual dragon?”
“But haven’t you already discovered that the spiritual dragon is living in the collective subconscious ocean of the local residents, and in order to ensure your own safety, you chose to leave?” “The Hermit” Cattleya responded.
“You’re back there again,” “Magician” Forsi guessed.
“Justice” Audrey shook her head:
“No, I have been away from there for a long time, but I heard a rumor recently.
“An archaeological team entered a certain village in that area. One member suddenly went crazy at night. This mental illness seemed to be contagious. Other members also went crazy one after another. They killed each other or committed suicide. In the end, no one survived. .”
“The Hanged Man” Alger was about to speak, “The Hermit” Cattleya said:
“This is in line with the characteristics of the spiritual dra