t ship approached the warship on the left.

t ship approached the warship on the left.
Finally, with a “bang” sound, the two ships collided!
Warships are special wooden buildings, covered with iron sheets, and the hulls are inlaid with many metal spikes, while merchant ships have none. In comparison, warships are off-road Hummers, and merchant ships are just tricycles. There is no comparison at all. Therefore, after such a collision, the merchant ship suddenly shook violently, and the “clicking” sound of the wood breaking was extremely clear.
/To make matters worse, as the sides of the two ships connected, the Soochow navy jumped from the warship to the merchant ship. They immediately occupied the port side of the merchant ship and fought with several students from Class 1236. But the warship on the right was approaching quickly. It was getting close. It was only a matter of time before the starboard side was occupied.
“This is bad.” Yin Kuang murmured in his heart. Ren Xia, the only combat power our side can use, is entangled in the cabin by a mysterious enemy. But the rest are fighting on their own. Yin Kuang, Tang Rouyu, and Qian Qianqian could only form an offensive and defensive formation in front of them, so they were safe for the time being. However, reality did not give him more time to express his emotions.
I heard a powerful general on the right standing on the side of the ship, saying that he was slashing with a long sword, and shouted loudly: “Bold thief! How dare you take away the governor’s wife! The crime is unpardonable! Hand over the wife quickly! I will keep you here.” You’re waiting for a whole corpse!”
After hearing this, Yin Kuang suddenly felt a small amount of resentment in his heart, and a cold light flashed in his eyes, “Pan Zhang, I will leave you here today!”
The wind shouted, “Kill. ” The sound of swords clashing, and the sound of surging river water flowing eastward filled Yin Kuang’s ears. But in fact, Yin Kuang’s heart was surprisingly peaceful at this moment.
“Pan Zhang, I, Yin Kuang, will keep you here today!” He suddenly felt murderous, and he just did it! However, as soon as Yin Kuang took out the bat hook that he had been using for a long time, a fair and delicate hand grabbed his hand. When he saw it, it was Tang Rouyu. Tang Rouyu said with concern: “Yin Kuang, don’t be impulsive.” Yin Kuang shook his head and said: “Capture the thief first! Capture the king first! If you capture Pan Zhang, these soldiers will not be a threat!”
Tang Rouyu had no choice but to quickly take out a porcelain bottle and put some green Pour the powder on Yin Kuang’s sun and moon swords and said: “This is ‘Lepros Powder’. The victim is paralyzed and falls into madness. But I don’t know if it has any effect on Pan Zhang. I hope it works.” What happened to Pan Zhang? He was a military commander whose name was recorded in history. Tang Rouyu was not sure whether ordinary drugs would work on him.
Yin Kuang said: “Thank you. Also, be careful of those people in Class 1236.” Tang Rouyu smiled and said: “Don’t worry. When have I ever su