into the Eagle County incident continued.

into the Eagle County incident continued.
He is now at three o’clock and one line, running back and forth between home, Staples Center, and the court.
Even though his spirit is very strong, if he continues like this, he is on the verge of reaching his limit.
Vasani also came to the scene with her children to cheer for Kobe.
What Vasani did this summer really impressed fans.
However, Sun Hao noticed that the person sitting next to Vasani was Karl Malone.
The “postman” who was absent due to injury went to work on the sidelines.
/Of course, Sun Hao didn’t know the background of this matter.
Malone would sit next to Varsani for a number of reasons.
After Malone came to Luoshan, Vasani had a very close relationship with Malone’s wife Kai.
The two often bring their children to the scene to cheer on their respective husbands.
But tonight, because Kai felt unwell, he asked Ma Long to come with the child.
Moreover, Kai said on the phone that he wanted Vasani to help take care of the children, so he asked Malone to sit with her.
Of course these are just some pre-match moments.
After completing the warm-up, the game started quickly, with the starting lineups of the two teams coming on stage one after another.
For the Lakers, Payton, Kobe, Rick Fox, Stanislav Medvedenko, O’Neal.
Malone was unable to play, and Medvedenko replaced him as the starting power forward.
This player who previously committed more fouls than scored points has made rapid progress in the past summer. He just won the competition with “Glasses Man” Grant and occupied the main rotation position.
The Mavericks are still a regular five.
The game started quickly, and Kobe was attacking as soon as he came up.
After Payton and Malone joined the Lakers, OK’s shooting rights were naturally divided.
But even so, Kobe still averaged 19 shots per game.
Many times, Kobe’s choices make people want to scold him, such as “double teams are open” that is often ridiculed by fans, but sometimes you have to admit that his strong shooting ability is really strong.
Even in terms of strong shooting alone, his ability may be even better than Jordan’s.
/Kobe has a great touch, and the Lakers’ offense is also going well.
Phil Jackson’s triangle offense is all about isolations.
If you can score the ball, everything else is secondary.
The Mavericks had no chance in the middle of the attack time, so Johnson called a timeout.
“Karl, why are you wearing jeans and a hat?”
Vanessa was sitting in the middle of the front row, and Sun Hao heard her voice when he came off the field.
Sun Hao turned around and saw Vasani chatting with Ma Long out of boredom.
Women have many topics to talk about with each other, but with men who don’t communicate much, the topics are really limited.
The game was at a pause, and Vanessa was looking for a random topic.
But Malone’s next answer was surprising.
“Because I’m fishing for Mexican chicks.”
Malone looked at Vasani with a smile as he spoke.
At this moment, Vasani’s expression changed.