o feels that, like Nelson’s China complex, this is also a “good quality.”

o feels that, like Nelson’s China complex, this is also a “good quality.”
Kupchak’s attitude also represents the attitude of the Lakers.
/After trading Kobe Bryant to Los Angeles before adding a bunch of draft picks, it makes sense that the Lakers would value him.
Unexpectedly, after Kupchak finished chatting with Sun Hao, he turned around and chatted with Zhu Fangyu for a while.
Sun Hao looked happy for Zhu Fangyu.
After emerging from the cocoon and becoming a butterfly, Zhu Fangyu may fly to a wider sky.
“Winning the Chinese Men’s Basketball Team may open a new pattern in world basketball”
0’s breakthrough means a lot, but what is more worthy of attention than this is that the average age of the core members of the Chinese team, Spain team, and Argentina team is very low. At its peak, in Beijing four years later, we may see an era when world basketball is flourishing!
Of course, the most exciting thing is the Chinese men’s basketball team. Before they reached their peak, they were already Olympic champions. We have every reason to believe that this men’s basketball team can successfully defend the title at home and create an Olympic era for the Chinese men’s basketball team! ”
Su Qun’s article, in addition to habitually entering the “Su Biao” mode at the end, the previous analysis is as objective as the four-year-old movie “The Little Emperor Brings Talent to the NBA”.
This also attracted the attention of fans in the forum. There was a heated discussion.
“Teacher Su successfully aroused my expectations for the Beijing Olympics four years later! ”
“Just thinking about the scene of defending my title at home is enough to make my hair stand on end! ”
Be bolder. Eight years later, Sun Hao will only be 30 years old and Yao Ming will be 31 years old. They are still at their peak. We have a chance to complete the three consecutive Olympic championship dynasties!” ”
When you say that, I think you are a professional fan. ” ”
“Stop it, let’s not talk about the rest. I think the US team will definitely field their strongest lineup in 2008, and we may not be able to win by then.
“What are you afraid of? ” What we fight is the strongest!
“That’s right, how can we, Sun Hao and Yao Ming, be so powerful if they are not strong? ”
“It’s swollen, it’s swollen, but it feels so good to be swollen! ” Boss, please add an extra hour! ”
After the Olympics, the national team is going to participate in a series of commendation activities.
Sun Hao also went there several times, and Liu Xiang was with them.
/If we say that the only one who can compare with the performance of the men’s basketball team in this Olympics is Liu Xiang Liu
Xiang tied the British Colin Jackson’s 11-year-old world record with a time of 12.91 seconds and won the 110-meter hurdles Olympic championship.
Its significance is no less than that of the men’s basketball team’s gold medal.
Sun Hao and Liu Xiang and Liu Xiang were in the same frame, which made many fans sigh: Chinese sports are heading to the top of the world!