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r to touch if it is longer.
He now actually looks forward to the scene when Ginobili has long hair.
In the locker room after the game, the Real Madrid players brought champagne and made Sun Hao wet over and over again.
Sun Hao also chased his teammates, and the locker room suddenly became chaotic.
Just when the locker room was full of big men, walking slowly, men on top of men, the door of the locker room was pushed open.
It’s head coach Russo.
“Guys did a great job, I’m proud of you.”
Lasso looked excited. He finally had the opportunity to keep up with his predecessors and win La Liga’s highest honor trophy.
The locker room that had been suspended suddenly burst into cheers again.
“Also, our opponent in the final is determined.”
/When the cheers died down, Russo continued.
In the Champions League schedule, the two semi-finals are played at the same time.
In this era of underdeveloped communications, this information can only rely on phone calls between team management and staff.
The locker room quickly became quiet, and Sun Hao wrapped himself in a bath towel and listened.
Last year, he and Gasol met in the finals, but they fell in the semi-finals.
Although it was La Liga and this was the Champions League, it was still the final.
He is still looking forward to meeting Barcelona in the final.
It is to fulfill his agreement with Gasol and to give back to the Spanish fans.
The Champions League final has turned into a national derby. This scene is exciting to think about.
“Team Panathinaikos.”
But the combination Lasso said was different from what Sun Hao thought.
Not only Sun Hao, but other team members also made a sound of regret.
As mortal enemies, they really want to play Barcelona in the final.
“Barcelona lost by 15 points, guys, come on for the final.”
Russo seemed to know the players’ thoughts.
After he said this, the locker room quickly became quiet.
15 points, a disastrous defeat in the Champions League.
Just like when they played against Bologna Vitus, the opponent basically had no chance throughout the game.
It’s not like they haven’t played against Barcelona this season, with 1 win and 1 loss.
In other words, Panathinaikos is very strong.
And because they have never played against each other before, Real Madrid are not even very familiar with Panathinaikos’ style of play and core players.
This final is predictably difficult.
“Guys, are we going to win the most valuable Champions League championship?”
Russo left. Sun Hao saw that his teammates were not in a high mood and shouted directly.
His ability to fool players in the NCAA comes into play.
As soon as he finished saying this, first Garbajosa, and then the others, started shouting.
And the shouting got louder and louder.
Sun Hao was a little shocked.
He found that European boys were more easily incited than American boys!
But when I think about the scenes of street fights between World Cup fans every year, it seems reasonable again.
Who makes a nation born to fight.
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