the report of a demonstration in front of the Los Angeles Times building. He also saw the report. Very touched.

the report of a demonstration in front of the Los Angeles Times building. He also saw the report. Very touched.
After this incident, Han Xuan realized the importance of interpersonal relationships. Because he usually had little contact, there were too few media outlets who stood up to speak for him.
During the 1996 presidential election, under the leadership of Mr. Han, the Chinese did not pretend to ignore it. More than 90% of Chinese Americans went out to vote and voted for President Clinton. His policies It’s good for the Han family.
Normally it doesn’t matter, but once he encounters a problem, there will be a scene like the Koch brothers who fell to the ground and everyone pushed him. He decided to start intentionally increasing his influence in society.
Among the crowd, Miss Chloe was so excited that she wanted to stamp her feet and cheer. She thought Han Xuan was so cool at this time!
She is not an ordinary girl. She clearly realizes that if she runs for president based on his popularity, she will definitely be welcomed by many people. At least she will definitely vote for him and help canvass votes.
Reporters also had similar thoughts. They discovered that Han Xuan had grown up. He was just a child before. A few years ago, he would not talk about serious topics about social phenomena like he does now.
After the speech, the staff began to distribute photos in the audience. The pictures included Santa Claus and the unique Aston Martin Vulcan sports car. The window was open, and the person sitting inside was not Han Xuan.
Han Xuan then introduced: “The Los Angeles Times published a story on the front page on the 25th that I was drunk driving. It was also a fabricated fake news. I did get into the car at first, but it was to get a drink. mobile phone. Then I got into other cars and handed the upcoming super sports car to my bodyguard to drive. Many people saw the scene at noon that day. Look at the time on the square display, that’s when I started Fifteen minutes after leaving Chinatown, it was photographed by a passerby. He kindly sent the photo to me so that I could prove my innocence. Here today, I want to thank Mr. Mora.” There was a
young man in the audience. He waved excitedly, indicating that Han Xuan was talking about him, and shouted: “That’s right! I swear Han Xuan was sitting in a Rolls-Royce at that time and waved to me! My girlfriend was also present, and many people were See! When I found the news in the newspaper, I knew it was the Los Angeles Times talking nonsense! Han didn’t drive at all!”