ip will make them proud.

ip will make them proud.
The scene showed footage of the audience, showing Jordan standing and applauding the Lakers.
Although the Wizards lost in the end, the Lakers won admirably tonight.
At this time, Sun Hao had been put down by O’Neal and was hugging and chatting with Yao Ming.
Yao Ming’s eyes looked a little lonely. He is a very strong person at heart, but he has lost to Sun Hao twice in a row.
“You have already performed very well, and we will win the championship together in the summer!”
/Sun Hao comforted him. They are rivals in the NBA, but in the international arena they are teammates.
He knows Yao Ming’s character. Yao Ming plays in the NBA more to improve his strength and perform better in international competitions.
Sure enough, Yao Ming’s face improved a lot after hearing this.
He failed in the NBA, but in this World Championship, he must win the championship!
The Wizards players left the field one after another, and most of the fans at the scene also left.
The Lakers players went to the locker room to change their clothes. When they came out, they were wearing championship T-shirts, with smiles that couldn’t be hidden on their faces.
Because if you do it again, in many aspects you won’t be exploring, but enjoying it!
Especially for Sun Hao.
But now he does it with the Lakers!
Defending the title feels really good!
And next, is their championship moment!
Scarlett also came to him at this time, and Sun Hao turned around and kissed her.
I had been busy playing games before, so even though I was married, I didn’t have much time to spend with Scarlett.
After this year’s World Championships are over, we must start preparing for pregnancy and other things!
He has his own godson, but he has to find a son. He has a huge empire and needs someone to inherit it!
Stern walked to the center of the stage, and the awards ceremony began.
Stern announced the championship in a way that was both foreshadowing and unique.
The Lakers have also officially announced that they have become the NBA championship for the 2005~2006 season!
And like Stern said, this is their second consecutive championship!
Many of the people staying at the scene were Lakers fans, and at this time they had already started chanting the slogan “Lakers championship”!
Most Lakers fans at home can witness it with their own eyes, but very few can buy tickets for away games. These people are enjoying VIP-level treatment now!
After Stern announced, he handed the championship trophy to Buss Jr.
Little Bas couldn’t hide the excitement on his face.
Not only because of this championship trophy, but also because of the meaning of this moment.
Buss Sr. did not come to the away game due to physical discomfort, and Buss Jr. took over for him.
This shows that Buss Sr. has tacitly handed over the management of the Lakers to Buss Jr.!
How can such a moment not be exciting!
Buss Jr. held the trophy high, and the Lakers players behind him also raised their hands and came over to take pictures.
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