o the Chinese men’s basketball team!”

o the Chinese men’s basketball team!”
This performance directly made Su Qun in the commentary box climax.
/Chasing 16 points to 9 points is not only close in terms of points difference, but also in terms of momentum.
Hope, this is how it appears!
Old K didn’t call a timeout!
The score difference of 9 points is still within the acceptable range!
He turned and called Wade from the bench.
In the first half, the American team relied on Wade’s outstanding performance to open the score!
Wade made great achievements when he came up, rushing into the paint and causing Yi Jianlian’s defensive foul!
His speed is really fast, it’s like he has a rocket launcher under his feet.
And the key is that he is not just fast, but also very strong.
It’s easy to get a foul if you make a move, but if you don’t make a move, he might just dunk it.
Wade goes to the free throw line.
The scene was filled with boos.
Kobe exchanged words when he went up to high-five.
51 to 61!
A 10-point difference.
Unlike many games we have seen before, even though the Chinese team was chasing points, the American team did not stop scoring.
It’s not that the Chinese team’s defense isn’t good, it’s that the Avengers are so talented that it’s almost impossible to completely restrict them.
Sun Hao continues to hold the ball in the frontcourt.
Kobe’s defense is even more fierce than before.
He has only one goal here: to recreate the glory of the dream team!
For this goal, he can do everything he can!
In fact, whether it is the Dream Team in history or the Avengers, the game attitudes of these superstars are deeply influenced by Kobe.
Otherwise, with the American thinking model, what they consider about national honor and dream team glory is their own career future, and they will not fight so hard.
Sun Hao failed to break through Kobe this time.
/But Yao Ming quickly pulled up a high pick-and-roll and blocked him!
Although his positional dominance is not as strong as at the same time in history due to weight loss, his flexibility is really much better!
Taking advantage of Yao Ming’s pick-and-roll, Sun Hao quickly penetrated into the basket.
Howard retreats, Kobe pursues the defense, and the US team makes dumplings this time!
Sun Hao made a move for a layup, but he threw the ball back from his head just before the double-team was formed.
The ball flew past Kobe’s scalp, causing Kobe to shrink his neck suddenly.
When he looked back, the ball had already reached Yao Ming near the free throw line!
An elegant pass, Yao Ming got a good shot after catching the ball.
He took decisive shots from mid-range.
This position is similar to a free throw!
Free throws and stuff like that are just giving away points!
Moreover, it’s still 2 points!
53 to 61!
The score difference is back to single digits again!
There were constant cheers.
After that song “Singing the Motherland”, the Chinese team showed unprecedented resilience!
Just like the Chinese men’s basketball team reversed the So