s not a particularly powerful type and should not be a psychic dragon, but it is also very rare and is close to extinction. Klein instantly recalled the corresponding occult knowledge.

At this time, the scene in front of him remained unchanged, but Rosago’s clothing and position changed.
He wore a white wig, a dark tuxedo, and a thick beard.
“This promotion is no longer as simple as before. The potion must be taken in conjunction with the ritual. Once successful, you will obtain one of the most difficult to restrain extraordinary abilities below high sequence.” The speaker has changed, and his voice is older. .
Rosago asked predictably:
“What ceremony.”
“Go to the sea, find a mermaid, and take the magic potion in her song.” The old man who spoke opened an ancient book with countless mysterious symbols.
Suddenly, light burst out from the surface of the book, and lines of ancient Hermetic language were outlined in mid-air:
“Sequence 5, Secret Puppet Master:”
As soon as he saw this, Klein suddenly felt a headache. This was a sign that his spirituality was close to being exhausted.
In the previous battle, the “Filthy Words” talisman alone consumed most of his spirituality. Later, he not only used three more talismans from the realm of the goddess of the night, but also summoned himself and responded to himself. He has been able to support himself until now. It has been shown that he has made great progress compared to the past, and has made great progress in digesting the “Joker” potion.
/When the screen flickered and shook and was about to break, Klein held on and took in the rest of the formula:
“Main materials: the dust of ancient resentful spirits, the core crystal of six-winged gargoyles.”
“Supplementary materials: 80 ml of spring water from the golden spring of Sunia Island, 10 grams of bark of the dragon-marked tree, residual spirituality of the ancient resentful spirit, 1 pair of eyes of the six-winged gargoyle.”
“Ascension Ceremony: Taking the Magic Potion to the Mermaid’s Song.”
Click, Klein no longer held on, letting the dream turn into countless illusory points of light and disappear.
He pinched his forehead and almost passed out. At the same time that Rosago’s remaining spirituality and some sense of madness were all wiped out, he was pushed back to the real world by an invisible force.
The ground stained with blood, brains, hair and various debris came into Klein’s eyes. He bent over and retched twice, sobering up a little.
Without spirituality, he would simply exit the mysterious space above the gray fog. Klein looked around and found that the bodyguard was still sleeping.
He quickly extinguished the candles, packed away the things related to the ceremony, and then breathed heavily and took a moment to finally allow his spiritual growth to recover a little.
At this moment, a gust of cold wind blew on his neck, making him shiver and freeze his thinking.
Klein turned his head suddenly and looked at the oriel window again, and saw that the bodyguard lady wearing a black gothic palace dress