ent in the history of the Warriors. I have already seen the birth of a new dynasty!” “

ent in the history of the Warriors. I have already seen the birth of a new dynasty!” ”
Hahaha, I have never dreamed I woke up laughing. We were originally short of a defender, but now we are better. We have directly signed the ceiling of defenders!” ”
Our team is too young, and now Sun is here as the leader, everything is perfect!”
“My old self I dare not think about it, but now let us shout that slogan together! Warriors championship!!”
“Jerry, control the league, West, there is nothing you can’t think of, only you dare not think of it!”
“I really want to give it to Wei West knelt down, forgive me for spraying him before when he traded Dampier, I would like to call him dad!” ”
West dad, hurry up and strengthen the team, we are going to win the championship!”
Of course more Yes, it’s the carnival of Warriors fans.
Among the comments, a Warriors fan’s remarks received a lot of likes.
“I didn’t expect the Warriors to have so many fans!”
Because of the successful formation of the youth trio of Livingston, Durant and Oden, the Warriors’ market this season is much larger than before.
Including some old fans from the last century, who came back after seeing the team end the turmoil and show new hope.
But these are obviously not the key to the Warriors suddenly gaining so many fans.
Because many of these fans were brought by Sun Hao!
When Jordan retires, will his fans disappear?
In the same way, Sun Hao has retired for a year and a half, and his 6 billion Sun Mi is gone?
The answer is obviously no!
So this unprecedented carnival was actually created by Warriors fans and Sun Hao fans.
But this carnival did not last long.
/Because soon, the servers of major social media were paralyzed
. It can only be blamed on Sun Hao’s comeback being too sudden, and these social media did not have time to prepare for it!
In fact, the impact of Sun Hao’s tweet goes far beyond that!
After he posted this tweet, Adidas’ stock started to rise like a rocket.
It’s not just Adidas. The stocks of brands endorsed by Sun Hao such as Dove and Coca-Cola are also booming.
Moreover, all tickets for the Warriors-related games, whether home or away, were sold out by fans within an hour.
These are indirectly related to Sun Hao. There are jerseys and sneakers directly related to him. They are out of stock in many places.
The return of the king is so terrifying!
Durant, who was sleeping in bed, was woken up by continuous phone calls.
He picked up the phone with an unhappy look on his face and was about to vent his anger when he saw the caller ID was Jerry West, so he suppressed it.
“What’s the matter?”
But his tone was not very good. He was not James, who cared so much about interpersonal relationships.
“Sun has come to the team.”
West seemed to know Durant’s character and didn’t care.
“What grandson?”
Durant just woke up and was still a little dazed.
“Sun Hao.”
“Who is Sun? Sun?!”
Durant woke up suddenly, and then jumped up from the bed.
“Yes, he posted a status on social media and al