-team and distributed the ball to Hayes under the basket.

-team and distributed the ball to Hayes under the basket.
Hayes took a shot, but unfortunately he was a bit short and was destroyed by Bynum’s back defense.
Fortunately, Hayes’ wingspan was long enough, and Bynum’s block missed his hand, and the referee called a foul.
Hayes got two free throws.
At this point, no one knows what will happen next.
But when Hayes started taking free throws, everyone was confused.
Including Kobe, they all looked like they had seen a ghost.
Because Hayes’ free throw action is so special.
This guy’s free throw posture isn’t weird at all, it’s much more normal than holding a urinal or something.
But the problem is that his free throw rhythm seems to get stuck in the middle. He pauses for a while before continuing to shoot.
This directly made Miller and Breen in the commentary box burst into laughter.
Both of them are professionals, and usually they won’t laugh unless they can’t help it.
But Hayes’s free throw is so hard to resist!
The fans at the scene were full of memories and burst into laughter.
Putting aside the outcome of this game, Hayes’s free throw has already filled the fans’ conversation after the game.
This is definitely one of the weirdest free throw gestures in NBA history so far!
Although the posture is ugly, the effect is not too bad!
The score difference between the two sides has returned to 15 points again!
But for Warriors fans, this result is still acceptable.
/At the end of the third quarter, the Clippers still led the Warriors by 14 points, 87-73.
Although the Warriors recovered some points, the 14-point difference was still acceptable.
These 10 points directly brought back the suspense of the game!
It was during this period that there was a person on the field whose performance was quite dazzling.
Carl Landry of the Warriors!
Because he was replaced by Ibaka earlier, Landry led the team on the court during this period.
Also because Sun Hao and Durant are not on the court, he has become the core of the Warriors’ offense.
And this also gave Landry the opportunity to show himself to his fullest, which he didn’t have the chance to show when he was on the court with Sun Hao and Durant before.
His offensive skills are extremely delicate, and the key is that his impact is very strong. As long as he is given a chance, he will jump and dunk, and it is easy to cause fouls.
Even his inside passing skills are underestimated. His ball speed after being double-teamed is not slow at all.
This is like a mutated version of David West!
Old Nelson was quite surprised.
Originally, he was worried that there would be some conflicts between Ibaka and Landry when he grew up.
But looking at this paragraph, Landry is obviously more suitable to serve as the main offensive point in the substitute lineup!
Also due to Landry’s strong performance, the Warriors not only did not lose the score in this period, but actually closed the score difference to single digits!
This directly stopped the Clippers again!
The scene was agitated.