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What a great thing!
A few days later, the league officially announced the All-Star substitute list.
Eastern Conference: Arenas, Baron Davis, Ray Allen, Pierce, Joe Johnson, Danny G Ranger, Garnett, Howard.
West: Nash, Deron Williams, Roy, Durant, Carter, Duncan, Nowitzki, Pau Gasol.
There are 8 substitutes on both sides. There is one more than in previous years.
Everyone is happy!
/At this time, the league ushered in the annual trade deadline.
This year’s trade deadline is the standard thunder and rain.
Before the deadline, rumors are everywhere For example ,
the Wizards want to trade Tracy McGrady for the Bulls’ Yi Jianlian, the Lakers want to use Hill’s expiring contract and Diaw to trade O’Neal, the Pistons put Rasheed Wallace and Billups on the shelf, and the Suns The team put Stoudemire on the shelf and so on.
But in the end, none of these transactions were reached. Most of the transactions on the market were trivial.
Including the Warriors, the only transaction was to use Novak and a second rounder were exchanged for Zhu Fangyu from the Lakers.
After Sun Hao left the Lakers, Zhu Fangyu had very few playing opportunities.
However, everyone who understands can understand.
Jerry West took Sun Hao Hao’s former knife-wielding guard was traded over, which added a very important weight for Sun Hao to stay on the team this summer.
The Lakers first traded Sun Yue for a first-rounder, and now they sent away the only Chinese player Zhu Fangyu Let’s go, the Chinese elements of the team will be cleared away.
In terms of running the team, Jerry West, who also contributed to the Lakers, really destroyed Phil Jackson’s scum.
As for the arrival of Zhu Fangyu, Sun Hao was quite happy.
These days, when a “rich man” goes out, who wouldn’t bring a bodyguard with him?
Time flies, and in a blink of an eye, it’s the All-Star Game.
This year’s All-Star Game will be held in Phoenix.
For people in Phoenix, this year’s All-Star Game There is good news and bad news in the All-Star Game.
The bad news is that although the “little bully” Stoudemire scored 21+8+2, the Suns’ record this season is not good, as well as several internal competitors Duncan. , Nowitzki and Gasol all performed too well and ultimately missed the All-Star Game.
The good news is that in addition to the expected Nash, O’Neal was also successfully selected for the All-Star Game.
It should be mentioned here that the current All-Star Game the rule of.
At this time, the center position has not been eliminated in the All-Star voting.
As for the center in the Western Conference, besides O’Neal, the only one is Bynum.
Although the Suns’ record this year is not good, O’Neal’s statistics of 17 points, 8 rebounds and 1.5 blocks are much better than last season.
Coupled with the feelings of fans, especially the feelings of Chinese fans.
You must know that O’Neal today is completely different from that in history. That is the O’Neal who completed the dynasty with Sun Hao!
In terms of domestic popularity, O’Nea