almost the same.

almost the same.
But there are many uncertainties about Harden’s contract extension prospects.
All in all, after listing it like this, there will definitely be many good shows in the free market this year.
Kupchak will ask for Sun Hao’s opinion even in the draft, so the free market plan will naturally not be kept secret from Sun Hao.
/Kupchak did not ask about Sun Hao’s attitude in this sentence, because he knew that Sun Hao would not refuse to be a teammate with Yao Ming.
This is indeed the case. Sun Hao and Yao Ming are both veterans who have played in this league for more than ten years.
There has never been a chance to cooperate before, but now there is such an opportunity. Just like selecting Green in the draft, Sun Hao will definitely not refuse it.
Even, he is eager for it.
This is related to his chat with Yao Ming last season, and also to Yao Ming’s current situation.
Long before the free market opened, some problems between Yao Ming and the Wizards were exposed.
Yao Ming’s current situation is similar to Durant’s after injury in history.
At the end of their prime, they all suffered serious injuries, and although Yao Ming’s injury was relatively minor, the impact of injuries to inside players was far greater than that of outside players.
Therefore, the Wizards’ management also had the same hesitations as the Warriors’ management.
Because Yao Ming’s contract extension will definitely be a maximum salary, and it will be a long-term contract. If the Wizards renew his contract, there is a high probability that he will pay for a big contract in the next few years.
However, Jordan has stated in public more than once that the Wizards will renew Yao Ming’s contract.
“Everything Yao has done for the Wizards gives us no reason not to renew his contract.”
Although Jordan is not the big boss yet, this is also a statement from the management.
So the current situation can only be regarded as hesitant at best.
The Wizards will have concerns about renewing Yao Ming’s contract, but they have no choice but to not renew because Riley has set a precedent and they will be sprayed to death.
Maybe in the end, it still depends on Yao Ming’s own attitude.
At this stage of his career, Yao Ming is definitely thinking a little differently than before.
As for the issue of injuries, they have experience in dealing with O’Neal. No one in the league has more experience in dealing with such a big man than they do.
“I will try to talk to Yao.”
Sun Hao also took the initiative because he was eager.
Hearing what Sun Hao said, Kupchak was naturally the happiest.
With Sun Hao coming forward, the possibility of the Lakers signing Yao Ming has skyrocketed.
“We are also going to sign Rudy Fernandez.”
Then, Kupchak said another person who didn’t seem so important, but it was necessary to say it.
Because Fernandez went to the Cavaliers, he has already played as a starter, and has played in the NBA for much longer than in history.
But his current life is not satisfactory, because th